crazy game dev office -

crazy game dev office

Jason Weimann
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Preview of my gamedev / youtube studio home office setup that’s loaded with RGBs, big screens and more.


  1. GlitchHub - Game Development, Tutorials, DevLogs says:

    Pretty awesome. All the cool geek equipment and motivational gadgets you have in the room makes me want to decorate my own as well, sadly lacking budget 😀

  2. What kind of table do you have? Looking to upgrade to a longer, wider table to not feel so squeezed.

  3. a mini fridge next to your Workstation with only Monster energy in it… sir are living the dream

  4. It's funny how you have an awesome setup and relax in it by leaving it for virtual reality hahah

  5. Really cool office. Is there a way we could find out what gear you use ? Like that monitor ?

  6. I don’t know what RGB is. Red green blue. There’s probably not enough. If RGB is a stellar work environment. You’re doing just fine.

  7. im not sure guy drinks so much rockstart drink…
    you know how it works right? )
    why we have it sometimes on a screen
    its by PepsiCo btw )
    be healthy folks!

  8. Jason: do I have to much rgb
    Everyone in the comments: more, MORE

  9. Scripting skills pay the bills -me

  10. Love it! Now i want to make my game dev office better.

  11. Can you do a game that a copy of the real world

  12. My setup used to be my computer which was $30 Intel Compute Stick running Linux, A $70 Monitor which was the only barely decent part, a $2 wireless mouse that causes cancer because it’s wireless, fake Beats that I thought were real because they were used from amazon and they also fell out every 15 seconds because they were UrBeats, and of corse the $15 Walgreens RGB keyboard that was stuck in the same rainbow pattern, and also the RGB lights didn’t work on Linux so the lights were always stuck off, all of this was held together on a crappy $30 fermaldahyde desk that was wabbly af and one time the drawer just fell off and slammed flat on the door and could have damaged valuable stuff in it. The sad part is I bought that computer thinking I could play real games like Planet Coaster but I was sooooooo wrong, all I could play was this crappy game called NeverBall and also everything was so slow and it only had 2GB of storage so I had to buy a 32GB SD Card and I didn’t know how to get stuff to auto save to it so I had to watch videos on how to code and hack and in the end the entire thing ended up in the trash, jk I sold it all for $50 but then I bought a $200 gaming laptop on OfferUp and the guy scammed me because the specs were way worse but then he probably didn’t know because he seemed like dumb kind of and the regular specs were right I think but he probably bought it from someone else who changed the parts and he didn’t know about the specs so he just googled the name of the laptop, he ended up becoming my drug dealer because he lives really close, now I have a really good Gaming PC with an Ultrawide Monitor and it can play like any game and hopefully later today I’m buying a new gaming laptop for $850 from someone and it’s worth way more because it’s really good and has an RTX Graphics card and I’m planning on selling my old one for a lot more because I’m going to put all of my torrented games onto it, I bought it for $600 and I’m going to sell it for like $1,100 or something like that, it’s good and can play most games at over 70+FPS like GTA 5 and Warzone, but it can only play Cyberpunk on the lowest graphics at like 55 FPS, hopefully I don’t get scammed buying this one, wish me luck, also I’m a video game developer and I make games in unity and I’m working on a mobile version of Planet Coaster but it’s super hard, I’ll come back here when I’m done with it and I’ll give it to everyone for free. Hopefully video game developing can become my new job so I can quit my crappy job at a gas station where people pay with fake money, crackheads come in, and everything is always broken and out of order…

  13. Its cool but how much electricity will it cost

  14. I love that "Dont forget to be awesome" i know it random, but thank you very much sir!

  15. Where’d you get that mini fridge cabinet??

  16. Bro's got a whole night club in his house💀

  17. I'm new to learning about PC gaming. I was wondering if you have a wide monitor like that does it actually show you more as in a wider aspect ratio or is it essentially the same image but stretched if that makes sense. Like, I have a 75" TV but the image is the same as it would be on a 50" (as far as I know)

  18. pls tell what is that pipe which holds shelf on the walls

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