Crazy Game, EXTREME Learning -

Crazy Game, EXTREME Learning

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If you love learning, then this is the game for you! So much learned, ohhhhhohhhh man!
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  1. didnt the guy have lethal anyway? he couldv shadownmourn,, herop, shield slam the drake and mindblast+attack for lethal

  2. He can sheild slam and hit the drake with weapon, then hit u for 6 and mindblast kills you.

  3. At the end he could still hero power into shield slam and reckless flurry for 8 damage to the drake and still have weapon, dino, and mind blast for lethal right? He doesn’t even need the reckless.

  4. For whatever reason, I always find myself rooting for the opponent, which almost never happens. Today was a satisfying victory.

  5. Even if he played drake mind blast at the end his opponent still had lethal. Hero power shield slam and then hit with the weapon to kill the drake and the 6/9 and mind blast are lethal

  6. I think, if he'd used mindblast and primordial drake he'd stay alive…. yeah, gotta finish the video before I post comments

  7. Was the smshing joke forshadowing? We may never know…

  8. Firebat didn't need to double ping bc the opponent was going to lose his 4 armor to single ping plus fatigue. However, even with no armor and no shield block, the warrior had lethal with Tank Up, Shield Slam, weapon attack on the drake and the mind blast and dino go face.

  9. Not flaming, but I think it's insane that this was a 30+ minute game if we exclude editing. Heck even with editing this was a 20 minute endeavor.

  10. I was thinking he should dump the shield slams just for mana efficiency and not clogging the hand, the Azalina counter just made it way better

  11. Shield slam wouldn't exist if skulking geist where in the list…

  12. Holy moley, reckless flurry to lose 38 armor. That card has never been more appropriately named than this game.

  13. You forgot about his vine cleaver…. you were 100% dead no matter what

  14. What kind of player defends deck tracker ?
    They aren't allowed to use it in competitions ?

  15. I watched this 20min video just watch you lose!? God dammit

  16. props to firebat for uploading this. i'd rather see a balanced sample of games than you just winning every game.

  17. He still had a vinecleaver charge… drake wouldnt work cause he could hero power shieldslam and hit in with cleaver then just mindblast hit with dino and win.

  18. TL;DR – "We don't have decktracker and we suck"

  19. Firebat played really poorly. Not using shield slams with the hero power sooner was unforgivable.

  20. molten blade is the big brain tech. It could be rhokdalar for more value in fatigue, it can be a 3rd supercollider, it could even be another molten blade!

  21. The sound was something caught in your fan by the sounds of it

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