CRAZY GAME! - FaZe vs Vitality - HIGHLIGHTS - ESL Pro League l CSGO -

CRAZY GAME! – FaZe vs Vitality – HIGHLIGHTS – ESL Pro League l CSGO

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  1. faze showing us why they lost the boston major

  2. Vitality took notes from Team Liquid with that comeback.

  3. i seriously wanna know…how is a map so T-sided that the CT side struggles to find 2 rounds on it??
    Like was it really apex calling a good T side and karrigan bottling such an embarassing lead or is it something else?

    cause cool comeback but extremely outragerous as well

  4. you could see even from past games that what vitality need is an entry fragger. it made their t side stronger

  5. Safe to say FRAUDIGGAN and FRAUD CLAN will never get their Grand Slam, ahahhaah makes me happy, this is why gla1ve is the GOAT IGL and not BOTTIGAN

  6. Love Dupreeh, but JACKZ really adds some thrust to the team that they needed. Dupreeh back to Astralis????🧐🧐🧐

  7. Very good, Vitality are showing the god level

  8. Фейзы решили хохлов поддержать – выглядит глупо

  9. Do vitality flashbangs are so perfect or it's just the players are not familiar with anti flash angles of this map ?

  10. Vitality is good team, just need a good 5th player. With jackz playing , apex and spinx played their best group stage. Feel like they are giving space to dupreeh who is old now.

  11. It is nice to see a match of the teams with close firepower, they try so hard to outsmart and flank everywhere.

  12. Insane come back and it's so good to see Jackz back with a top team and playing really well.

  13. 14-1??????????????????????? that 12-3 comeback recently was crazy but wtf man

  14. RIP. Lost my Bet on this game as my last game 🙁 that was gut wrenching to watch

  15. I dont even understand whats happening…are they seeing thru walls or is that only for us viewers wtf

  16. Absolutely unbelievable comeback by Vitality! faze stood ZERO chance after Vitality shook them up like a jenga stack in an earthquake. Utmost props to Vitality's insane endurance.

  17. i thought rain and karrigan were the same person LULULULZ

  18. Wild cumback! Karrigan looks sad.. again…

  19. Cry me a River? 🤡 goodnight KID. knew I wouldnt be seeing you here. 😎

  20. I was here. 1 CT round for both teams in one map (excluding OT). Definitely that happens first time in tier 1 cs.

  21. JackZ is such a W entry. Dude has so much impact and it kinda sucks that people don’t really see that.

  22. Twistzz was so worried about his hair looking ridiculous he forgot to play good CS 🤡

  23. Lmao, because of this lose, faze avoided fighting G2 and could potentially breeze through to semi final

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