CRAZY GAME! Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns Final Minutes! 2021 NBA Season -

CRAZY GAME! Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns Final Minutes! 2021 NBA Season

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  1. Porter is the goat rn?? They should start him more games mans is underrated

  2. Curry for MVP, give the award for that man right now

  3. Lionel Richie was unstoppable in the end game👍

  4. Remember when Perkins said: "I will never watch basketball again if CURRY WILL NOT WIN MVP THIS YEAR" 👑🐏🍺

  5. Chris Paul lost the ball Brooker took off and .missed game over my 76ers lose to at home I'm about to gave up


  7. A great Christmas game doesn't always happen. Thank you Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors.

  8. Saint Joseph terror of demons
    Pray for us. ..

  9. God Bless DubNations. Another victory again, thank you LORD.

  10. Sun's to us is like the rockets back in the days. They r good but warriors r elite. Even with depleted team.

  11. That’s what I want to warriors team especially to curry, if there is someone who has a hot hand , the will give the ball to him.

  12. during the last minutes dont make cp3 handle the ball too much, he will create turnover… saw that multiple times during bucks vs suns. Let other play with it and just pass the ball to make him shoot instead

  13. Was at the game. Dubs fans all over the footprint center! 😂

  14. GSW and Pheonix are stacked with high IQ players. The Lakers on the other hand outside of LBJ are embarrassing.

  15. If things go the way it appears it will and these two meet up in the WCF, it's going to be a battle!

  16. Lionel Richie miraculously went back to his puberty!

  17. WCF will be GSW vs SUNS….and I got GSW in 5. Get at me.

  18. It was cut but Dray and McGee saluted each other. Respect between ex-teammates. I love GSW and at the same time feel bad for Booker especially at that block at the end. GSW clamped him down though with him making only 13pts. Good game Booker and the rest of the Suns team. It was an exciting game. We the fans are happy and grateful. A Merry Christmas indeed! 🎅🎅🎅🎄🎄🎄

  19. It was more exciting and more fun to watched Christmas on road trip Big WINS…. By The Bay

  20. No no no, Warriors is not complete yet 🖐 wait for kuminga, wiseman and thompson's comeback to the team 🥳

  21. Curry is in a better situation than last year but his accuracy this year sucks. What is going on? Him, Lillard, and others their percentages have taken a major nosedive.

  22. Wow! 7 player out to warriors but sun complete players. Wow the best team work warriorz. Congrats for the dubs nice game otto porter😍 still curryyyy!☝️👏👏👏

  23. Just literally nobody could stop the warriors with this spirit…not be forgotten that they didn’t have Thompson, Wiggins, Poole, Lee, Wiseman…
    The teamwork on and off the ball, the morale, all remain high standard
    Let’s go warriors!

  24. Porter's perfect performance in the 4th quarter was decisiva for the victory.

  25. Love their unselfish team culture, looking for whichever player that have hot hand in 4th quarter

  26. The freak waits for you with open arms

  27. Suns and the Cardinals shouldn't play in the same day.

  28. Unexpected hero at the end of the game. The scary part about warriors is that you can prepare for curry, prepare for Klay, prepare for Poole, Draymond , etc … But somehow, somewhere, the others are always prepared to step up. GP Jr, Otto, etc…

  29. Oto carried the team on the last minutes of the game

  30. Warriors are so quick on defense…steals 11 vs 5 for Suns, blocks 7 vs 2 for Suns, offensive rebounds 12 vs 9 for Suns.

    Young rising stars shot well : Payton (67%,50%), Porter(62%,43%), Kuminga(75%,100%)

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