CRAZY GAME! Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings Final Minutes ! 2022-23 NBA Season -

CRAZY GAME! Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings Final Minutes ! 2022-23 NBA Season

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  1. crazy how ppls used to pick who to defend when against gsw, now they just need to shutdown curry so that he pass the ball

  2. Kings is basic opponent if Stephen fire on three..that's the truth

  3. This is payback for that botched call they missed on Huerter last time Sac played Golden State. Light the beam! 🟣🔦

  4. GSW should trade for some outside shooters. 🙃

  5. 勇士与国王赛,主教練称尔失教至输球,末節上主力太慢,科尔是输球的原因,还有勇士替捕须大大提升才可以。

  6. Man i hope the kings made it to the playoffs this year, It's been decades the last time i watch them in the playoffs webber still play

  7. Anytime a good team loses to the Kings it is time to take a good, long look in the mirror. Warrior’s aren’t a good team yet, but they should be by the end of the season.

  8. To much rest for the 1st line up when they are up.. also same problem in gsw previous loses

  9. GSW shouldnt loosen their play bcos of Sacramento Kings’ ticket sales is low for the season

  10. good to see sabonis and fox work well. sabonis was always good 1-2 with oladipo, i get why they traded now.

  11. I am afraid of playoff klay, but not if he won't be in the playoffs

  12. Every “crazy” game you’ve posted have not been close. Blacklisted

  13. Where is pool the trash wonder boy you guys are all blowing lol doodoo

  14. I missed the craziness bro. All I saw was bricks from the warriors.

  15. Klays days as a sharpshooter are over. He is clearly not the player he once was.

  16. Hahaha… Look at Golden State's #40 @0:04 😁 what ? No whistle???? Damn, I have to get up and stop acting like I am injured…

  17. Nice seeing a kings team come alive and actually show some potential for a season, the league is going to be super tough in the next few years if teams keep rebuilding and stick together with their young groups

  18. Klay must leave the warriors he's a superstar not a back up player

  19. Puts the final score in the thumbnail 🤦‍♂️

  20. the warriors took nothing but terrible shots in this final stretch, why was wiggins shooting all those 3’s in clutch time

  21. Who is Lamb, and why is he shooting quick three's with Curry and Klay on the court smh

  22. 7-0 losing roadtrips are INSANE…this team must OVERHAULED😤😤😤

  23. Lamb should not be there in a last 3 minutes instead Poole

  24. Some clowns posted "curry owns the league" loolz 😭🥱

  25. Wiggins and poole are getting exposed. I guess their morale is only high when curry and klay play beside them

  26. No box out on Sabonis ??? Do yall youngins recognize who his pops was ? Come on GSW. Kings are young & hungry

  27. Klay has to find his shot somehow or the warriors can't push for another ring

  28. Draymond’s favorite play is yelling at the refs

  29. this is regular season excitement, no one is beating the warriors in a 7 game series, actually the kings would be swept just like last season the nuggets beat the warriors in most of the game….coming the playoff they almost got swept by the warriors

    The warriors are still figuring out their rotation and when they do ,lets come back to this comments,Klay will figure it out,poole will and Wiggin will improve….wiseman has been slow but when he does,its a wrap for the league

  30. this is it boys…the era of the currys the lebrons and the KDs are over…and we still havent seen a transcendent player after lebron…

  31. D Fox will be an all star this year. Just my prediction. Lauri from Utah as well

  32. draymond flailed so hard! Glad he's not on Portland.

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