CRAZY GAME! Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs Final Minutes! 2021 NBA Season -

CRAZY GAME! Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs Final Minutes! 2021 NBA Season

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  1. FLYING BRICKS… and poor defense… ez to beat…nbd

  2. Championship Performance of both teams!

  3. SAS young core brilliant! GO SPURS GO!!

  4. Its a shame! To be beaten by a lowly team in spurs is soooo ridiculous!!! Am starting to doubt warriors' consistency. I am inclined to believe that their prowess as a team is a myth

  5. I give the Spurs a couple of years and theyll be a playoff team for sure.

  6. It Can’t be Curry every single night man Draymond shoot the ball where’s Otto Porter? Nemanja Bielencia? Wiggins? We was up 3 with 2 minutes left in the game

  7. Its so easy to guard steph for real. DONT MAKE HIM A SPACE TO SHOOT JUST A LITTLE BIT.ALWAYS CLOSE TO HIM.period

  8. Under 219.5 nice stage play

  9. Legend coach knows what to do in that situation

  10. Back2back games suns the other night, glad they gave us the W rather to the suns lol

  11. The game is not yet over but cury celebrate too early ha ha ha lost to younger team

  12. Too much extra pass that led to turnovers😭

  13. Yall not getting it the media build them up this team is not as good as their record before you start throwing rocks at me I'm a big warriors fan I follow every game trust me this team is good but not the best suns bucks hawks are better warriors had a easy schedule and played majority of games at home

  14. these last couple mins of a game highlights are way better than the traditional highlights of the best plays cut together, you get to feel the flow of the game rather than disjointed clips telling a segmented story.

  15. Chucking threes until back your back in the game isn't always the solution.

  16. Warriors lose to Spurs??? That’s a fine Draymond!!!

  17. Di lgi pasko sa 3's steph,, 😂😂

  18. That's my team Warriors after playing a tough game the previous night ❤️👊…never underestimate the heart of a warrior 😼💯

  19. Curry's 3 point try with less than 57 secs remaining was wrong; it set off a chain of 3 point tries that went in vain. You can call it a failure of strategy/over-confidence. This is their 4th loss and if they watch the film for reasons for these unnecessary losses, they will find themselves to blame.

  20. Akala nia KC XA lng magaling d nia nakitang open kasama nya na masmagaling pa sa kanya dompinsa

  21. Jerseys bootleg jerseys do not buy for that company

  22. Ano curry masasabi mo borit ka kasi di pa tapos wag mahagas

  23. Best line I ever heard. He started out 1 for 15. That's the mvp. Yeah right

  24. This is clearly not a Spurs win but a Warriors lost. The Dubs had the upper hand after climbing back from 18 down, midway in the third. They should have held the fort if they had not chose to go the three, after missing a lot of them during the course of the game. A mid range jumper or a drive to the basket would have been a better shot.

  25. hahaha…pag dinikitan d makaporma🤣🤣🤣

  26. why you keep use title click bait ? crazy game, that ending , wild game , which are just normal game with no exchange of lead.

  27. guess what did Greg Popovich tell Steve Kerr?

  28. Obviously not the same but I know that feeling of being in the zone. I am a quiet unnoticed player most days on the court but I have had at least 2 game experiences in my life when I scored most of the my team's points bc I either couldn't miss my threes or my defender couldn't stop my post game. That feel of being in the zone…and the best player on the court says, "He's in the zone" and keeps giving you the pass….and the other teams best player decide he needs to guard you…haha…it feels so good.

  29. Spurs may not have a star but we compete and can hold our own .

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