CRAZY GAME! Milwaukee Bucks vs Phoenix Suns Final Minutes ! 2022-23 NBA Season -

CRAZY GAME! Milwaukee Bucks vs Phoenix Suns Final Minutes ! 2022-23 NBA Season

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  1. I don't get why people are surprised that the Bucks won without Giannis when Suns don't have KD

  2. Booker disappeared and forcing plays 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. People forget brook Lopez was a 1x all star and if he was on a trash team first option he easily could put up numbers and make multiple all star games

  4. Holiday was so underrated, offense and defense should be an allstar easy

  5. weird seeing crowder in the bucks hyped as hell while they're beating the suns

  6. …booker don't know what to do when he is being doubled…

  7. LOL the refs called PHX ball when its clearly MIL's, and the refs actually called that 3 point shot foul with 1 second on the clock when booker jumped INTO the defender. damn imagine what happen in the playoffs…watching this and not knowing the result, i expected PHX to chok, but not without all these help from the league

  8. Jay Crowder /Ingles are big offensive and defensive players added to Bucks..

  9. Jrue owns Booker. He is his true daddy not Luka.

  10. If states and scoring were the only thing in basketball then booker would that guy. But all these years of having everyone he needs on the team to win a RJ g and still nothing…. Booker and Paul looking real overrated these last couple of years

  11. That foul call on Ingles at the end was a load of crap. Hands up, standing straight up. Once again begging the question, where do they find these refs.

  12. The eastern conference playoffs gonna be nuts

  13. There goes Booker along with CP3 🙂 Chris " Choke" Paul

  14. last play wasnt a foul on booker..glad bucks took the win

  15. Love the physicality between Holday and Booker. No BS, just being men and giving sportsmanship after game

  16. No giannis no problem. 14 straight. bucks in 6. ever since i got my buck hat havent lost.

  17. Middleton should be closing the game lot drew

  18. Jrue and Luka are Booker’s daddies 🤌🏽

  19. I don’t care what anyone says I ain’t no Suns fan, but that shit was off Middleton. Shit was to perfectly straight so it had to have rolled of Middletons figures even just a inch.

  20. Holiday lives rent free on Bookers head

  21. bucks are a champion contender. They play entirely different when they dont have Giannis.

  22. Jrue Holiday Teach Booker a Lesson 🤣🤣

  23. Ayton looks so scared with the ball in his hands man

  24. Booker grab the mamba mentality to exit😊🎉

  25. Good lord. This commentator is senile. Buddy can't even get a sentence out at 4:47. This guy needs to hang it up.

  26. lmao. Chris Paul shoving a 7'1" dude out of bounds at 6:05. I love how CP gets away with shit like this.

  27. 可憐的書人連收球都有問題

  28. Courtsideplug is a scam. Less then 30 days active domain with little to no traffic on the website.

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