CRAZY GAME! - NaVi vs Complexity - HIGHLIGHTS - BLAST Premier l CSGO -

CRAZY GAME! – NaVi vs Complexity – HIGHLIGHTS – BLAST Premier l CSGO

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  1. Александр Сергеевич says:

    Каждый Сильвер знает что банан даже за Т контролить надо, что бы такие как прыщавый элик не заходили в спину. Но увы, нипы не шарят

  2. Everyone was helpless whenever b1t peeks 👌

  3. navi always play a slow start, wtf, almost lost and then comeback

  4. Finally…. Navi managed to lose to everyone on this event. It's nice that they're not going out)

  5. NAVI in 2023 lmao – barely winning against tier 3 NA team

  6. Why exactly did Navi get rid of SDY? I felt that they were doing quite well with him after the Boombl4 saga.

  7. What a big game for NAVI!!! Simple still the best player in the world.

  8. Grim played too good. Very consistent player.


  10. This is not a victory for Na'Vi. Just shows that theyre washed…

  11. My man literally said NA knows its not over till its over HAHAHAHAH

  12. Well, of course, this tournament is not important for Navi, they are preparing for the Major. therefore they play on an equal footing with nonames. in general, Navi has an extinct look, they are not interested in cs.

  13. Love the complexity smile and smirks when they got to 14 and suddenly hit rock bottom.

  14. don't fuckk with the greatest team NAVIIII <3 even at their worst time

  15. Just how many times did b1t do double spray downs with headshots… Insane aim.

  16. Grim is a beast what a match especially Map 3 full focus/try hard mode from NAVI , Map 1 was interesting NAVI demonstrated great gameplay on Anubis

  17. 39:38 When you laugh like there's no tomorrow and all of a sudden you lose the game. 😂😂😂

  18. B oog ijih in nun guv ni noyv mar uhpikok PLO

  19. Karma of laughing and celebrating too early for Complexity. Navi's so experienced in comebacks.

  20. some decision making was so stupid i was baffled when i saw them rushing a bombplant without clearing when the time was 1:20. FCKIN 1:20

  21. I mean Grim just coming in to his own is a beautiful thing to see

  22. Without a booml4 NAVI is just mediocer team even simple isnt that great

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  24. Simple is just overconfident cock
    B1t was enemy teams plan ruiner always hit the enemy where it is hurt
    Electronic is fantastic on defence npl was not impactful player i dont even remember the 5th member

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