CRAZY GAME!! - NaVi vs Heroic - HIGHLIGHTS - ESL Pro League l CSGO -

CRAZY GAME!! – NaVi vs Heroic – HIGHLIGHTS – ESL Pro League l CSGO

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  1. isn't it bizzare to see navi playing with no skins at all?

  2. Overpass round 3 is some next level scumbag activity from heroic…

  3. cocaidian ran out of funny white lines during tech pause got sleepy 😛

  4. haha, collecting knife kills on inferno, overpass😂..Faze gonna get grand slam or c9, navi,g2, vitality will stop them? However in a bo5, I think faze have higher chance to win against most team, although i wish navi, g2 or vitality to lift the trophy

  5. Epic final knife kill from simple😆

  6. Great game. How come you can’t hear the crowd during the rounds? I didn’t even realise there was a crowd until the end of map 1. That sucked

  7. there is so much skill and dexterity involved in this. CS:GO is absolutely a real sport in the long run

  8. Don't know mahn i just love NAVI and i hate them too much

  9. Honestly it‘ll be amazing to see new G2 VS NAVI after beating faze. G2 has kind of line up to be the best team in the world.
    They’ll have prove by beating the best.

  10. Why should esports team suffer because of the mismanagement, round should be cancelled?

  11. bruh Heroic are rats, hunting NaVi down when they know Navi have connection issues. Where's the honor? Never liked that team, this just cements it

  12. m4a1s is perfectly balanced and csgo devs absolutely care about balance therefore it's a wonderful use of time to play csgo.

  13. The DC's just pissed off Navi into an unstoppable beast! Love the mentality and we all know teams that would cry abd use it as an excuse for a rematch 🤣

  14. Valve even can't organise a lan tournament and we are still hopeful that they will solve a cheating problem 🙂

  15. Typical heroic. Was out on this team ever since the major.

  16. Champions mentality shown by navi member. After that incident it would be hard to any team, but navi pull that sequences well

  17. Some prople on twitter told that was ddos attack on all ukrainian players

  18. Is there a game that is not 'crazy' or 'epic'?

  19. 13:50 perfect example, isnt it? Such a mechanical move and a perfect land on a enemy's skin.

  20. He fucking knifed him in the last round… TOP G moment

  21. simple always knife at the end❤️❤️❤️

  22. sparkles recently made a video where he explains this exact exploit. this was not random, there are hackers selling this kind of services…

  23. Gayroic. Igl fragging beast elec and s1 too much firepower

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