CRAZY GAME! - NaVi vs Vitality - HIGHLIGHTS - IEM Rio Major 2022 l CSGO -

CRAZY GAME! – NaVi vs Vitality – HIGHLIGHTS – IEM Rio Major 2022 l CSGO

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  1. Everyone talking about how simple destroyed vitality but no one gonna talk about dupreeh dropping an equal 40 bomb on NAVI.
    Only player to attend all majors, Mr. Dependable. 🙏

  2. It was literally the BEST game I've seen in a year.

  3. kinda DEJA VU when s1mple headshot before smoke bloom and its the same place

  4. simple is in final form shitting on zywoo like that

  5. шикарные качели, классный матч!

  6. if Vitality had anyone but apEX, they would destroy this major. He is just so uneasy to watch.

  7. vote for s1mple to get a haircut 😀 its not 90s bro

  8. The bias in the casters comms made this gruelling to watch

  9. GGs to NaVI❤ I got to say that dupreeh was really on fire this whole game tho!

  10. Crazy game. Zywoo’s odd glock round; Electronic’s ladder control and reliability, s1mple vs zywoo, b1t and perfecto’s headshots, dupreeh’s A anchoring — what a game.

  11. НаВи бомжы надеюсь не выйдут с группы с такой игрой парашы

  12. Hey guys big G2 fan here. I’m currently on the plane to Rio and can’t wait to see my boy Niko at the major. I was just looking at the major schedule and couldn’t see any G2 matches listed. Is this a mistake from HLTV? I’ll be honest I didn’t even bother watching the RMR cause G2 would obviously qualify for the major

  13. Do they play only one map in this major? And why?

  14. Apex to clutch it? 😂😂 He can't kill someone not looking at him

  15. 3 names i remember from cs1.6 dupreh s1mple and zyw0 😢

  16. I swear to god apex is rlly rlly so bad in the world wtff

  17. i think sdy didnt comfortable playing with navi

  18. 7:54 I like that sound 🙂
    And electronic ends the game by reducing both Magisk's and Zywoo's HP to 9 in the first shot.

  19. What a game 🔥🔥🔥 this is the NaVi we love to see

  20. I legit want some opinions, I personally believe Bit and Boombl4 was the best addition to Na’Vi. That being said, I dont really follow the pro scene if anything I only watch when it when it is recommended. Right now, not a fan of how SDY is with Na’Vi. (I’m trying not to hate on SDY so I want some other perspective). What do you guys think? Anybody can weigh in.

  21. Такое шоу сразу видно гаигранная хрень

  22. zywoo from vitality was out then vitality is nothing

  23. Person with the most kills – s1mple

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