CRAZY GAME!! - New FaZe vs New G2 - HIGHLIGHTS - BLAST Premier World Final 2023 | CS2 -

CRAZY GAME!! – New FaZe vs New G2 – HIGHLIGHTS – BLAST Premier World Final 2023 | CS2

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CRAZY GAME!! – New FaZe vs New G2 – HIGHLIGHTS – BLAST Premier World Final 2023 | CS2


  1. G2 lost to that late hut push so many times

  2. Faze: reaches OT
    Karrigan: "It's me time boys."

  3. Помню как-то против Frozena на мм'э где-то в 16 года попадался на Инферно) щас он в топ Тиме .)

  4. I wanna hear the G2 comms on the last round when huNter mollied off m0NESY lmfao

  5. commentaters are trash they missed karrigans ace LOL

  6. Karrigan casually acing the shit out of G2 in ANUBIS OT💯😮‍💨 god mode

  7. Faze always shaky, Im glad they got the win tho

  8. launders and scrawny gotta be the biggest Niko dickriders, Faze winning rounds and they can't stop yapping about Niko

  9. Monesy missed too much critical shots in the last map

  10. hunter is worst on planet by aim. not blaming him btw, in this pile of junk game cannot speak of shooting in first place

  11. I like Frozen but I would of LOVED to see F0rest play for faze in his place. I honestly think F0rest has so much more to give still

  12. Whelp never thought I would root for Faze over G2 but here we are

  13. Г2 нельзя было довадить до допов на анубисе, в такой вязкой игре с допами фейзам нет равных

  14. Две мапы закончились хедшотами рейна в конце

  15. Last two kills of rain sent monesy to fly😂

  16. oh my god that flower tattoo on Rains neck looks soooo bad WTF is that

  17. Terribly editing, whats was going on at the end of anubis mate?

  18. Every time vlad uploads and puts CRAZY GAME in the title, i can trust that it will indeed be a crazy game

  19. Why this fkin monesy from agressor country is not banned??!

  20. Why would you cut Karrigan getting a 3k in first part of OT

  21. When is Karrigan retiring? Bros actual dead weight most of the time

  22. Do people still play these games? LOL!!
    Talk about being brainwashed. Didn't Flusha not being banned make anyone of you think of what exactly is going on in these games?
    In every sport were big money is involved, there have been cheaters. Russia as a country helped build an entire building to help russian athletes take Performance- and image-enhancing drugs.

    So what makes anyone of you not realize, probably over 50% of the entire scene is flooded with cheaters?
    What makes you so gullible? What happend in your life man?

    You people need to drop your ego's and wake up and smell the flowers.
    Imagine taking any of these matches seriously.

    I bet 10000 dollars I would smoke any of these closet cheaters on a new system.
    Level 10 faceit CSGO years ago without cheat. You won't ever beat it.

    Brainwashed fans.

  23. Да сколько можно, нельзя давать Фейзам шанса на комбэк, иначе овертаймы они заберут как пить дать….Хороший матч, жаль Г2

  24. 21:00 "Kovac with the RTSR setup"? Didn't know my guy played Dark Souls 🙂
    For those who don't know, the Red Tearstone Ring (commonly abbreviated to RTSR) is an item that gives you extra damage when on low HP.

  25. 没有jks的nuke有点弱, nexa守不了小区, 我更倾向于g2招来nexa的作用是打算在某个阶段替换掉hooxi, 然后招入另一个小区防守者, 不然说不通, nexa现在并非比jks好用….

  26. things look ver yscripted when at round 20, dudes peekign karragin, but last second decides o go sit on site. nah this shti scripted af

  27. I can’t believe G2 kept hooxi who gets no kills and blamed all their problems on JKS who did nothing but frag

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