CRAZY Game Of HORSE vs Harlem Globetrotters For $1,000! -

CRAZY Game Of HORSE vs Harlem Globetrotters For $1,000!

AJ Lapray
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I had the incredible opportunity to play the Craziest Game of Horse vs The Harlem Globetrotters and we were able to donate $1,000 to a local nonprofit in my home state of Oregon to give kids the gift of seeing the Harlem Globetrotters in action live. I have to thank each and every one of you, because without you I wouldn’t be able to do anything like this. It’s my dream to make the world a better place and I hope this video puts a smile on someone’s face. Thank you all!

A special thank you to the amazing people working with the Portland Trail Blazers for inviting me to make this video on their court. You are awesome.

Special shout out to my boy Tanner for helping me film this!

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CRAZY Game Of HORSE vs Harlem Globetrotters For $1,000!


  1. Really who watches these videos and thinks “man I’m going to dislike this was bad” it’s unheard of

  2. Make challenge with SMOOVE, bro)

  3. I would love to see a collab with the professor

  4. I hope i win the iphone 11 i subribed to your youtube channel. I want it becouse all my friends have an iPhone and i don't😞 and I always had an l.G sence i was little

  5. heyyy i’m filipino can u shout out me plsss i really love your vlog filipinos love basketball😘🥰

  6. I’m at a globetrotter game in NY right now

  7. Love your videos hope you pick me for the I phone 11

  8. Can’t believe I saw these guys some months ago and know they’re in an AJ video

  9. I got to see Harlem globetrotters to day

  10. Aj why can u be a basketball player if u were you could be so rich by now plus ur very good

  11. AJ & the Harlem Globetrotters = an awesome & fun video watch

  12. I thought he went bald for the first five seconds of the video

  13. Ladder trickshot was sketchy. Are we sure that was first try?

  14. Wait 10 seconds ago you had 599k sups and now 600k like what!?

  15. Knowing the harlem globetrotters, I didnt thought lapray would go that far. Amazing

  16. I can’t believe that I actually met all of them AT THE MODA CENTER!!! They were awesome seriously.

  17. This is more scripted than the actual Harlem games😂

  18. Did nobody else notice how staged this looked😂

  19. The shot he made to match your table shot was crazy

  20. horse game like house -_- $1000 omg I wanna take it!

  21. wow, of course AJ gave the globetrotters a run for their money! mans crazy

  22. When I was in third grade we all sat in the gym for the Harlem globetrotters to come to our school. I didn't realise how important these guys were to basketball because I wasn't into the sport. Now that I think about it I am amazed that they chose our school l, a small school, out of every one. They showed us stuff most of the third graders never knew existed. The whole gym was freaking out and I was just like wtf is going on.

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