Roman Dellapena
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Today is the first of many absolutely crazy mega ramp sessions I had at camp! This was the first one and I had a great time hitting the ramp for the first time this year!

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Scooter Part List
-Tpr grips
-Liar Pro Shop Ti Bars
-MGP double clamp
-Madd Gear MGX deck
-MGP 120mm wheels
-Madd Gear origin fork
-Madd Gear grip tape
-Madd gear head set

Camera I use👇🏼
GoPro Hero 8 black
GoPro windslayer
Canon EOS m50

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  1. Yo I actually screamed when I saw this noti in class bro. This is such a good vid idea.

  2. I’ve always wanted this THANKS ROMAN🛴🔥🔥😎

  3. Hey my name is dominic and you signed my bars the other day

  4. Hi roman, it would mean the world to me if u subscribe to Leo's scooter riding and mention it in the next video

  5. Love of a new man love your videos keep it up

  6. Really good video and have you ever tried a decade

  7. If followed you since 11000 i Think and yet you hafe always 100000

  8. Roman why do you keep just having random rage sessions?????

  9. Wow landing inward after 3 months after breaking you wrist keep up the good workkkk
    🔥 🔥 🔥 😃

  10. I love how ur arm is getting better hopefully it doesent happen again 😀😀😀😀

  11. I don’t get why he didn’t try the backflip bar, he’s meant to be pro

  12. Roman I love you 😍 you have been the person who made me believe I can do tricks.
    On a scooter and you will be in my heart forever more + little man

  13. my one question is how do you edit these at woodward

  14. Still going to say this I said it a long time ago and I’m not afraid to say it again I love the intro

  15. Hey Roman I think there was a bee or something on your helmet at one point

  16. Oh Roman you suck you can’t beat Isaiah blah blah 😑

  17. You have inspired me to get a scooter thank you😀😀😇

  18. i am a big fan i love your vidios an it is verry insperatinol

  19. Roman since I watch your videos u made me a way better at scootering

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