CRAZY GAME! Philadelphia 76ers vs Chicago Bulls Final Minutes ! 2022-23 NBA Season -

CRAZY GAME! Philadelphia 76ers vs Chicago Bulls Final Minutes ! 2022-23 NBA Season

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  1. 𝖈𝖗𝖔𝖋𝖙𝖒𝖎𝖗𝖊 says:

    8:35 – the Bulls’ shot clock should’ve reset after Pat Bev’s missed three (it hit the rim)

  2. Is Doc dumb.. There should be Maxey, Tobias pick n roll too..

  3. id rather have Dosunmu or Colby playing instead Beverly . Mans Useless out there running around. Westbrook was right about him

  4. The commentators in these games are always extremely biased for the home team. Philly scores and they go crazy. Bulls score and you can barely hear them mentioning it. Bulls win "and that will do it." Meanwhile had it been the other way around you'd hear "AND AN IMPRESSIVE WIN TONIGHT BY THE PHILADELPHIA 76ERS. BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE" 😑

  5. Man us bulls fans have been on many rollercoaster games this season, also we been spoiled with having one of the best if not the best announcers call the games, after hearing other announcers highlights man we gotta appreciate stacey king more, these other ones are dry & biased


  7. this is hard to watch after i see a double dribble no call

  8. Tobias Harris is still a funny joke til this day. I feel shame buying into the talks of those media people (Candice Parker & Co) that he was something special when he signed the contract.

  9. No one wanted to win.
    Bulls had 5-6 chances to win this game much earlier.

  10. why harden passing the ball so damn much knowing he can score the basketball at will

  11. Court side Jerseys was gametime jerseys before. Scammer alert!

  12. Seems like the Bulls peaking and turning the tides in the right time! They can secure for that play-in/playoff spot! If they continue playing like this.

  13. holy hell a legit/great female commentator… it's like a unicorn

  14. Shorten the season already. these boys look tired as hell.

  15. Who you rather got in your team? Embid or Giannis?

  16. 2mins left in 4thq No philly player beside maxey wanted the ball lol . Just hope maxey can keep it up late in 4thq for future games embid an harden doesnt want to. Prove
    Bulls should have foul out embid way early just bad coachin like really ? Its just bulls so not big deal anyways

  17. james harden is 100 not happy playing at all

  18. DeRozen almost F*up the game just like what he did as a Raptors.

  19. Why was harden so passive this game? He didn't want anything to do with the ball

  20. Derozan is my new CRUSH…now that Morant dissapppointed me..

  21. Sixers Suck A@@ That's the James Harden we all know and love😅

  22. James Harden doesn't seem even remotely interested in playing basketball

  23. Alguém tem que lembrar ao harden que ele tmb tem que marcar pontos ….AGR o lavine apesar de ter feito um bom jogo …meu Deus que falta de atenção na última posse perdida em …puts kkkk

  24. DeMar was out of it tonight. No way he passed that mid-range free throw shot up. It would have been money

  25. DeRozan is clutch until the last possession before the buzzer. I know he hit a couple of back to back game winners a year+ ago, but the majority of his end-of-quarter/game iso possessions are a brick. Vooch looking somewhat pissed not getting the ball when sealing and showing his hands at multiple occasions.

  26. I’m still reminded how bad these players are compared to the 90’s.

  27. Harden just went gun shy when it matters most,,as usual

  28. 76ers just couldn't finish…. Same issue Ron Jeremy started having so he started pinching his "chit."

  29. Did DeRozen just pass up an open layup like Ben Simmons?!?!?! He pulled a Ben! LOL!

  30. why not show the stats dude, what''s so difficult in showing the stats at the end?

  31. Why you promoting those fake ass jerseys in the beginning of the video. Trying to scam your viewers

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