CRAZY GAME! Philadelphia 76ers vs Memphis Grizzlies Final Minutes ! 2022-23 NBA Season -

CRAZY GAME! Philadelphia 76ers vs Memphis Grizzlies Final Minutes ! 2022-23 NBA Season

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  1. these Grizz will never win anythin with thug mentality like this..
    They act tough but they r mellow inside…
    bunch of clowns
    another loss

  2. Brooks on embid? Like me on Tyson in the 80s. I was a badass but I know my limitations.

  3. embid keeps saying he deserves mvp, played no defense, biggest dude on the block and didn't even try to block out or get a rebound while his team was down by 2 . clown act. any of the great hakeem, shag, tim duncan, david robinson, ewing, morning , mutombo would have blocked that shoot and gotten the rebound no problem at all.

  4. I'm a big fan of whatever team is handing Dillon Brooks a loss.

  5. Men philly76ers fans deserve nba championship

  6. Brooks is going to cause the team from winning a championship

  7. Not a Sixers fan but I do enjoy watching Memphis losing.

  8. Memphis has a lot of fake tough guys on the team

  9. 01:51 – That sad move by this giant man… nothing basketball related with this move

  10. Love Seeing the big mouth Memphis Grizzlies get beat lol, eat some of that humble pie

  11. In the playoffs, Harden will lose it for you. Ben Simmons is a punk, but Harden is a bust come playoff time!

  12. Memphis got a bunch of straight mutts in their roster. Every game there is an issue. Not a good look

  13. Brooks " Mr.Dynasty" involved again 😂😂😂

  14. Everytime harden do defense, something good happens

  15. If JA brought his gun the result would have been different

  16. Sixers great game you're the better team in the west next to the Warriors, no way for the Cocky team, if you go humble you'll be the best in the West?!

  17. I never knew grizzlies are also fine in the east😂

  18. Dillon Brooks is a problem to the roster. He should be traded away before he can damage a championship contender team.

  19. Ja Maront so gangster he ended up untying his hair at the end. Cocky ass team who will never win a championship.

  20. So the Sixers won a home game with a team of relatively equal stature but a lesser record. Okay, big whoop. Isn't that what they are supposed to do. They did not look especially smooth or refined accomplishing such a middling feat. Their bench still stinks, their front office is rubbish and Embiid will be playing somewhere else in two years. No more than a second round exit this season.

  21. Im so happy that Grzzlies keep catching these Ls. They're too cocky and act gangsta for no reason.

  22. This game made me wanna scream out from the top of my lungs: WHOOOOO WON THE TRADEEEEE??????

  23. The Memphis grizzlies r a criminal organisation.

  24. man it's hard to root for embiid when he consistently does dirty shit

  25. Ja….u only worry about Celtics? Wake up

  26. Lol Dillion getting cooked and Jermaine cole from the corner 😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Lol Tobias Harris is not the number 3 option. Or he shouldn’t be. The only way the sixers are winning the finals is if he is the 5th best scoring option on the team, or if he’s on the bench (where he belongs).

  28. Where did Lyles come from? Send him back!

  29. You looking at this again — i really like Niang. Notice how Dillon Brooks started with Embiid but not Niang??? Would love to see a finals with these two teams.

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