CRAZY GAME WINNER! Brooklyn Nets vs San Antonio Spurs Final Minutes Of Overtime! 2021 NBA Season -

CRAZY GAME WINNER! Brooklyn Nets vs San Antonio Spurs Final Minutes Of Overtime! 2021 NBA Season

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  1. If LeBron pass the ball in last possession, Skip would destroy him.

  2. That's Spurs Jersy? Spurs moved to Hawaii?

  3. James Harden blocked that last shot LIKE how Manu Ginobili Blocked his shot back in 2017 Game 5 Playoffs.

  4. When KD trusts you, you have to make the bucket. Remember Blake griffin a few games ago when he was 0/5 on the three point line but still got the ball and hit a dagger three? Great work by Thomas and by KD for finding the open man!! Playoff nets in 4!!

  5. I hate when they double at the last minutes of a game they do it alot with steph and Kd they should change the rules

  6. If u barely beat the Spurs when they are missing all their players ,what does that say about the nets.

  7. That's good…for kd not only harden and kd handle the ball in Last minutes or seconds to play…there is a team mate to shoot the ball outside perimeters…congrats cam Thomas for nets winning last shot.

  8. KD is not happy, he wants the ball and shoot the game winner. Selfish

  9. Appreciate the title being vague and not spoiling , thanks bro.

  10. Theres something wrong with the nets. OT win against team that will not go to playoffs.

  11. Spurs have to win If Walker take that shot it would be easy for layup instead passing the ball to Murray

  12. Nets don't have a chance of getting the chip the way their playing and the way Nash is handling it.

  13. Cam Thomas and Claxton are the future of the NETS franchise, let's goo Brooklyn 💪, Harden is a liability out there he's a turnover machine

  14. I'm proud of durant… and im also proud of Claxton and Cam.. C&C

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