CRAZY GAME WINNER! Phoenix Suns vs Memphis Grizzlies Final Minutes! 2021 NBA Season -

CRAZY GAME WINNER! Phoenix Suns vs Memphis Grizzlies Final Minutes! 2021 NBA Season

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  1. Chris Pauls face as the ball goes in on that last morant play is hilarious

  2. Devin book vs Ja Morant duel reminds me of KD vs rose back in 2012

  3. Since the sun's organization has come how many game winners have they given up so many highlights especially with the Lakers and Kobe Bryant

  4. Man ja morant better be an all star and Anthony Edwards too with how he’s been playing

  5. I swear, Ja and Melo gonna drag Memphis and Charlotte to a championship one day.

  6. Good Game !! Morant Has Been Making Statements Lately!! 🔥

  7. Idiot coaching memphis messing in final minutes

  8. The coach play to confuse the defender and what a great finish from one of the best pg now

  9. Suns lost a game….no big deal.
    Chris Paul " I'm outta here"
    Devin Booker " good game, buddy." <–MVP 👈😄

  10. Gotta love Ja he's like a spring board for the Grizzlies, especially in clutch time. I for one would've been demoralised by that three by Booker. Five seconds against the suns this season no way you expect to get back. Ja did not give up. Driving literally past three suns players what great winning spirit.

  11. Any rookie needing to learn the right attitude, just watch this video. Really. Grizzlies could have easily lost this when Anderson missed his three point shot, but Ja and Adams corrected that and clinched a quick two before the suns got the lead again. Ja decided no one on his team was going to close it out but he and praise his wit he was right to make the dribble drive at the suns because even if they'd fouled him, he would have been at the line to win it. That's one of many heads up plays from him this season. I hope he gets no more injuries. I can't wait to see him in the play offs

  12. Let's call this Ja morant season the clutch mixtape. He's really putting on for the Memphis Grizzlies💯

  13. Ja will be the face of NBA in a couple of years

  14. I had Grizzlies picked to make the conference finals but not the playoffs… I hope to be proven wrong.

  15. ja olways solid here 🔥🔥🔥🔥payrrrr

  16. Wow! Ja Morant Acrobatic shot? Im speechless… 🤣🤣

  17. I was there for that game. Morant pretty much did whatever he wanted all night. It was very frustrating.

  18. “Hammer, nail, coffin, this baby is over”! As a Grizzlies fan, I love hearing Pete Pranica say those words!

  19. So Good ja Morant one of the best! God bless to ya!

  20. This last minute ball handling is debuff by 90%. LMAO

  21. Really hate booker a crybaby doesn’t deserve to play in the nba

  22. Ja Morant = Allen Iverson… End of Discussion

  23. Booker was low-key sour about that lost 😂😂

  24. I am most excited abt ja morant . I haven't watched nba in like 10 to 15 yrs but this guy makes me wanna watch the game . N also want me to play the game which I have loved so much

  25. Grizzlies are playing like Grizzlies this year . A see a championship soon with this team .they should keep this team for long time . Ja n folks can dominate

  26. Whattta hangtime move. Ja for the win💙🙏🏀💪

  27. as i said no one is affraid phoenex…

  28. Chris Paul playing bball the same great level as those previous years. That's truly amazing.

  29. You know what. I love .Take a look at Chris Paul's reaction to Devin Booker's game leading three.the man must have thought."yeah we got em now " but then in comes ja Morant to banish that fun thought with the icing on the cake .Baby ..Yup . To put the game to bed .Seems only fitting that he who laughs last laughs best

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