CRAZY GAMES!! FIFA 14 Ultimate Team - Road to World Cup #33 -

CRAZY GAMES!! FIFA 14 Ultimate Team – Road to World Cup #33

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  1. Swap chiellini with Hummel's for 100 chem?

  2. I love your videos Nep and really do enjoy them. I don't care that you score a lot of sweaty goals. If it helps you win go for it but it bother me when you use the F word with regards to gays. I know I'm probably wasting my time and you probably won't even see this but i find that word offensive and hate it. My friends even use it but i let them know how much i hate it and wish they would stop using it but so many people nowadays use that word and don't think how it may effect someone. Just wanted to put my thoughts out there. I hope you stop using that word but keep up the good work Nep because i really do enjoy the videos. 

  3. Nep stop bitching about everything please goddamn its a game for Christ sake

  4. Awesome video nep.I love your videos so fun to watch.keep it up 😃

  5. 2 minutes in and I disliked this video. All those players with great finishing and all he does is cross again and again. Not gonna even finish it

  6. James is left footed so don't cut in and just power shot to far post with him

  7. Wing. Cross. Head. "WHAT A GOAL THAT WAS!!!"
    Are you kidding me?

  8. I literally fucking died when u told that story about your dog!! Lmfao!!!

  9. getting a bit bored seeing u basically cross all game every game

  10. I have Di Maria in an 89 rated 100chem team, i have Messi, Neymar, Vidal, Aguero, and many others as well as Ronaldo, Hazard and high rated players on the bench and di maria is still the best player in my club for me…

  11. Your dog seems like such a bitch, he must take after you

  12. You have Godin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. With such nice players you play such ugly football you don't deserve them.

  14. First game was because of the 3-4-3 formation because it is attacking and the defending wise it's poor and let you down at the end of the game

  15. Lampard is a god on the world cup game ! 

  16. I swear to god 90% of your goals are crosses and the fact that you shout " #Teamsweat pisses me off even more

  17. Everytime I hear Nep call a straight line, run, cross, header goal 'lovely', part of me dies. 

  18. How can you criticise the game when all you do is cross and sweat?

  19. if you use a 4231, then you're probably bad

  20. Did his suarez bite your chiellini in that game.

  21. You seriously say after scoring header – "waht the fucking goal taht was"? Mate…

  22. Nep you need to do finesse shots to score more goals

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