CRAZY GAMES!! FIFA 14 Ultimate Team - Road to World Cup #33 -

CRAZY GAMES!! FIFA 14 Ultimate Team – Road to World Cup #33

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  1. I have upgraded Neymar upgraded Rodriguez and upgraded Suarez

  2. Hey Nep after these episodes can you please make like ronaldo or neymar road to glory? With pack opening but without extra teams like if you scoor 3 goals with ronaldo don't play with bonus team just open more packs by goals you scoor. Make the episodes interesting with packs!!!

  3. It's a really good formation but defensively it's really bad


  5. This is why you don't say, 'That's 2-0 and game over.'

  6. When you win the World Cup with this team do a pack opening on the day off the final in real life to get all the items

  7. I heard the dog and I can hear the background music

  8. how the fuck do you feel its an even playing field both game modes are just full of aides if you get to go to EA's headquarters this year dont lick their arse and say the games good because i only brought fifa 13 and 14 because you said they were good and there both absolutely shit im getting tired of these shitty games now

  9. Before penalty the opponent said "Is this Nepenthez? "

  10. It's you're not your please learn this you idiotic people

  11. i thought this was a fully upgraded squad if so why has nep got Navas in the squad when he didn't even go to the WC so therefore he has not upgrade or am i missing something 

  12. The dog in the background is just brilliant!

  13. i have 1179 items and cant be assed to go any further!! i need ronaldo and messi still too

  14. You should switch levezzi and rodriquez around because it gets better chemestry and also rodriques is quicker and a better finisher

  15. Keep doing it after the World Cup, this is the best episodes on YouTube for me rn

  16. Every video that goes by you look more like DeorumFifa

  17. You need to cross the ball more. You vary your attacks too much it's crazy. You should spam it down the wings and cross every attack. That would be so entertaining 😴

  18. I was so pissed when I lost the final because the red blocked my player so he scored

  19. Nep, please stop with hashtag teamsweat I like your vids, but it's annoying as fk

  20. No joke, I once got a penalty for missing a scissor kick in the box

  21. 'Fuck off dog' t-shirts are coming soon to a store near you

  22. He's shit all he does is cross it in cause of benzema he always scores

  23. Can u do a aguero fifa 15 card prediction?

  24. Guys what players are good for BPL UT I have non rare team because it's Op but I want to upgrade my first player I got is kompany who else?

  25. Stop saying hames. His name is james. Colombians speak Spanish and if you translate james it is still pronounced james not hames

  26. switch mat hummels and chellini and then put swiestieger in and u will get more chem

  27. and that is how the mexicans feel after robben "got tackled"

  28. Hey Nep! Put Hummels in the middle and Schweinsteiger on instead of Xavi. You Will get better chemistry and hummels is probably better in the middle, at least he is for me

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