CRAZY Games Of 1v1 vs AJ Lapray for $1000! -

CRAZY Games Of 1v1 vs AJ Lapray for $1000!

Tanner Morgan
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AJ Lapray and I played 1v1 for $1000! We’re also both doing a major giveaway!


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AJ’s Newest Video!


  1. Love your vedios broo and i learn a lot too🤩🤩

  2. whats the name of the jazz track with the saxophone playing?

  3. Tanner and AJ vs jesser and Kris London that whould be 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. 9:04 awwwee making sure his friend Aj doesn’t get hurt is like the sweetest thing lol I’m jp but mad props for saving the bro’s life

  5. 6.9 guy with great shooting,,this is lit.
    Keep it up, support from Mizoram.

  6. AJ looks more like a tennis player than a basketballer tbh 😀

  7. He said that they both try hard on defense but aj let tanner shoot two 3 pointers

  8. These guys are nasty. So much respect between the two of them. It's good comp

  9. You need to stop trying to be Allen iverson you are 6 10 stop dribbling by the way aj is better

  10. I wish you guys somehow could fix an NBA player to play pick up game, I wonder how you'd compare

  11. To be honest I came here just to see the second part

  12. Aj is better because he has the shot and good footwork and AJ doing it whole life basketball. Tmo is just have size advantage so it will be a close game

  13. Why in second game 9-9 aj scores from 3 and the ball goes ti tmo?

  14. Just wondering was from 5:54 to 6:01 a travel as he started from his left foot and then changed to his right, don’t hate on me as I’m new to basketball

  15. AJ: “neither of us wanna give up this money”
    Also AJ: *lets TMO get 2 free 3 pointers*

  16. It’s annoying how u can abuse ur height like that lmao

  17. This video shows why double rims are the devil.

  18. Aj: he is 6’9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also Aj: IM 6’5

  19. Tanner hard traveled on his first game point lol switched pivot feet big time then gets bucket on next 😬 give aj his money homie lol review the tape big time walk lmao

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