Crazy Games With Peter Drury's Commentary - 2021 -

Crazy Games With Peter Drury’s Commentary – 2021

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Crazy Games With Peter Drury’s Commentary 2021
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  1. Bro, if u knew how my smile is when you post these peter drury videos? You'd be shoked

  2. You are doing well man…
    Thanks a lot for this

  3. where's Ronaldo's introduction? Reeved in red, restored to the gallery of the game, a walking work of hard… Vintage, beyond valuation, beyond forgery or imitation

  4. " the theater lives its dream." Goosebumps all over my body. If we fail to beat west ham tomorrow, Ronaldo debut celebration will be nothing. We have to win.

  5. What apps do you use to make documentaries sorry for asking

  6. How do you avoid copyright, because i made a video like this and it waa blocked

  7. Peter drury is my All time favourite commentator, He is one of the best

  8. Because of this guy this days before I watch the match, I actually listen to the name of the commentators. He's just too good😍😍

  9. Say what u want: CR Heaven😁😁😁😁😀

  10. 'wolves gave the game so much, the game gave them nothing back", hahahahahahahahaaha, he is the best

  11. "and gues who is there!!!!!!!!, close your eyes and he never went away",
    "he is a walking work of art", wel wel wel super fantastic

  12. Give me a Award or something, he deserves it

  13. An incident game and suddenly Accident…pure class🔥

  14. CRISTIANO has entered the building, welcome wherever you are to the Old Trafford theater through whos stage door he has entered.
    A theater which today truly dreams.
    In the 8 years since the Manchester United were last champion of our land, it is hard to recall a single matchday as infused with possibility as this one.
    Romance of the Ronaldo reunion captivate the place, Manchester United prepare once more the unveil, to unleash the 21st century sporting phenomena, who is again theirs. And this place tingles Jim Baghlan

  15. The egytian magician … The mster of right place right time

  16. In front of the KOP the European Champions lead…….. goosebumps

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