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Crazy games
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Collection of selected crazy games. Play crazy for free right in your browser.

Games in the video:
Handless millionaire 2:
Toilet Rush 2:
Shell Shockers:
Vex 3:
Dinosaur jurrasic survival:
Short Life:
Drunk-fu wasted masters:
Mad Burger:
Shopping cart:
Highway Bike:
Crazy Parking:

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  1. Guys please i really wanna find an old game i havent play in years but i love it so much, you’re like on an island and you need to find weapons and stuff and characters are grey and and you can like buy stuff from them in little houses, please if any of you know tell me

  2. Hey guys, i need help with something…
    When i was a kid i played an old browser game…
    And i wanted to know the name…
    It had multiple game modes: one where you drive a bike and there's an repair truck if your bike is too damaged… (it's an 3d game) there was an police chase that you were the police and there was one that you were the repair truck and had to smash the cops and fix the drivers that had the car damaged!
    There's more but i don't remember the rest…
    If you remember the name please tell me 🙂

  3. hello bro can you make a video of browser racing games multiplayer plzz….


  5. Wow nice dude what is the game could tell me please

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