Crazy Mario Bros: Squid Game! -

Crazy Mario Bros: Squid Game!

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Mario, Luigi, and Bowser Jr compete in The Squid Games.

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Squid Game. Similar to “Crazy Mario Bros: Lego Luigi!” and “Crazy Mario Bros: The Road Trip!” this is a CMB plush video, just like SML “SML Movie: SQUID GAME” , SMLYTP “SML Parody: Jeffy In Squid Game!” , Kable10 “SML Parody: Jeffy Plays Squid Game!”, Glider “SML YTP: Jeffy’s Squid Game!” and “SMG4: If Mario Was In…. SQUID GAME” Bowser and Jr are in this video too, and Yoshi. Funny mario luigi bros video 2021 🙂

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  1. And then you have also had the most powerful

  2. the workers are so funny😂 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  3. Iggy: are you pulling?
    Junior: Yes!
    Also junior: standing without doing anythjng

  4. When it was the resting part When the square guard was by the door I saw his face

  5. THIS VIDEO was POGGERS and funny the preson said how the fuck did you manage to break the rope

  6. Mario better of spent the money on something smart like iggy said

  7. Social blade Tells me in 5 years I will hit over 2000 subscribers I need help speeding that up

  8. But I don’t even like tacos they don’t taste good I like apples

  9. I don’t like tacos but I’ll still do it

  10. 19:30 : did anybody else notice iggys face randomly appearing on yoshi?

  11. Where is tails
    Why did you make sonic die

  12. This is La Posada doesn’t make any sense and I hate it so much and I’ll give you a dog

  13. Is it OK you can follow me because I’m a huge fan

  14. 1:00 that plumber from Seattle is you guessed it Kurt Cobain

  15. I Invited All My Toy Cars To Compete In A Real Life Squid Game
    And Player 213 won

  16. I like how Mario and Luigi were moving and not died yet but everyone else

  17. No that's not real you need to get real gun. And there only 456 players.

  18. If you win another game of squid game you will get $1 million dollars $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  19. Jr: you guys played outside?
    Watch the bully video

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