Crazy Mario Bros: Squid Game! -

Crazy Mario Bros: Squid Game!

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Mario, Luigi, and Bowser Jr compete in The Squid Games.

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Squid Game. Similar to “Crazy Mario Bros: Lego Luigi!” and “Crazy Mario Bros: The Road Trip!” this is a CMB plush video, just like SML “SML Movie: SQUID GAME” , SMLYTP “SML Parody: Jeffy In Squid Game!” , Kable10 “SML Parody: Jeffy Plays Squid Game!”, Glider “SML YTP: Jeffy’s Squid Game!” and “SMG4: If Mario Was In…. SQUID GAME” Bowser and Jr are in this video too, and Yoshi. Funny mario luigi bros video 2021 🙂

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  1. this is gonna get sued by Nintendo sooner or later and will probably have to change its characters like sml

  2. Ok my favorite game is the first game: red light 🔴 green light🟢

  3. Thanks, I love squid game and this channel, Thanks for your support!

  4. Can you please make a new squid game but part 2

  5. Give me give me the taco I want both tacos cheese

  6. Awesome video cmb hope you hit 500_000 subs by the end of the year

  7. I love his ep. The guards were the best one time characters

  8. My favorite game is cookie it's so easy

  9. Mario: Boswer!!! Boswer: what? Mario: you gotta move! Boswer: but I'm scared!! Mario: you gotta move or else you will die! Boswer: ok…

  10. Wait i saw glasses under the square guards mask

  11. CMB make Mario plays Mario kart tour part two

  12. |red.
    |green—————green———————green——————red| ~||||~

  13. Dude your so close to 500K! Everyone sub so he can get half of 1 million subs!

  14. XD I LIKE HOW PEACH WAS LIKE: “welp there goes my life”

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