Crazy Simple Raycasting E1 - 🎮 How to make awesome 3d games in Scratch -

Crazy Simple Raycasting E1 – 🎮 How to make awesome 3d games in Scratch

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How to make a simple 3d game (Raycaster) in Scratch. This is part 1 of a short series where we build a level arena/maze and learn how to code player movement including arrow keys and WASD for strafing. Wall collisions are also handled, and we dig a big deeper in to how to best handle getting snagged on a wall. Awesome!

My tutorials are for all budding game & software developers using Code Blocks. Scratch On guys!

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————–Video Chapters————–
0:00 Intro
1:05 Part 1 – Level & Navigation – Drawing the Level
3:04 The Player
4:08 Coding the Player – Setup
5:03 Player – Movement
6:48 Player to wall collisions
9:33 Player Hitbox
11:10 Sticky Walls / Wall Snagging
15:24 Player Strafing
17:20 Outro


  1. for some reason when i go on a wall i glide all the way up to the top please help me

  2. 9:34 I am using a circular hit box instead of a square one, because circles do not rotate, and as such, the computer (or phone) has less processing to do.

  3. you can tell if your hitbox is 4×4 by looking at the costume your on it will say 4×4

  4. a "BEAUTIFUL???" yellow triangle? where are the flowers!, and the picnic baskets!

  5. It’s simple but easy to forget to put the correct blocks in

  6. Raycasting is the best and the perfect technique to make 3D games in Scratch. But it works even better on modifications for Scratch such as Turbowarp or Phosphorus making it smoother.

  7. I know that Griffpatch is always excited about new projects!

  8. This is simple? You literally explain physics and mathematics including gravity and newton's laws including quantam physics and smash them together to make the world's most confusing but working scratch project. Nice.

  9. I guess that griffpatch's Favorite song is the last one.

  10. at 7:19 i cant understand pls can anyone explain the details?

  11. Wow cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. For me, the collision detection only works with "move (1-*steps*) steps" to use collisions, but it looks the same as in the video! Other than that, this tutorial works like the others!

  13. I copied it and added some more stuff

  14. Your 2d Minecraft wasn't great tbh so make a real one next

  15. When i turn it makes me full turn instead of just turn on the spot.
    Does anyone have a fix for this?

  16. I think a lot of people used this to make a Backrooms game in scratch. I know I'm one of them

  17. every time i do this tutorial my game when i do the forward and backward,s it
    doesn,t move the character the way it,s pointing in

  18. this is very… complicated. his goles are behond my understanding.

  19. god of scratch is griffpatch the god the king of scratch gods.

  20. For some reason, my collision isn't working. Instead, it moves (slowly) through any wall it goes through and cannot slip through walls.

  21. Why do I always lose my move 2 at the end

  22. Can you give us a tutorial to create a 3d game like minecraft, rocket league and need for speed please?

  23. i had a different approach to 9:32

    instead of adding a hitbox, you can also check if the player collides with anything when turning, this way the collisions are more realistic and you can turn without getting inside the wall

  24. i am now making an backrooms project this helps alot

  25. Player is always moving on 45°☹️☹️⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  26. griffpatchis a scratch god im getting better at scratch because of him lol

  27. i love watching this guys tutorial because he gives useful tips for every type of game every video so i learn alot even if i dont recrreate the thing

  28. i literally learned cos, sin and tan for this

  29. I have gotten to the point we're im watching this for fun

    Pray for me

  30. thanks for this it realy helped a lot

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