Crazy Time Big Win 5000x | Evolution -

Crazy Time Big Win 5000x | Evolution

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The game that keeps on giving 🎉 Another huge win on the Cash Hunt bonus game in Crazy Time this week, with the top winners catching a whopping 5000x multiplier.

Congratulations to all winning players who won a total pay-out of €8.1 million in this amazing round! 👏 ✨

Could you be next? Don’t miss out on the fun and play Crazy Time now!

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Evolution is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority under licence MGA/B2B/187/2010. Evolution is also licensed and regulated in many other jurisdictions such as Great Britain, Belgium, Canada, Romania, South Africa, and others.


  1. I'm Tuan Manh, Living in Ho Chi Minh City.  Withdrawals are very fast .geam is very smooth!

  2. I love evolution) I caught in thios game 1250x

  3. This was Thursday May 6th around 5:15 pm New York time I bet 3 buck on it and I got back 1503

  4. dishonourable advertising. you r cheater evo. you r cheater.

  5. evo you r most disgusting filth casino on the web

  6. Why aren't evolution games available on PokerStars casino anymore? Can someone answer this please?

  7. Was the wheel already stopped when top slot came to a stop?

  8. Sir crazy time loss sir please Next big win time

  9. don't be stupid Do you know how much they need to make a system?
    Waiting for stupid people to come in and play
    The first time I give you a little bit, it’s for it, not your luck
    You don't know until the second or third time you log in

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