DEADLINE DAY & CRAZY GAME! FIFA 14 Real Madrid Career Mode - S1E12 -

DEADLINE DAY & CRAZY GAME! FIFA 14 Real Madrid Career Mode – S1E12

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FIFA 14 Career Mode Episode 12 & Deadline Day Special!
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  1. DONT SELL JAMES!!!! U will ruin the career mode

  2. Sell isco instead. You'll upset me and my pink james Rodriguez jersey

  3. You should get Marko livaja he's 22 and has the pocher trait and his weekly wage is just 25,000in us dollars

  4. How do you get that league?srry for noob question

  5. Next tranfer window please buy either alaba or azplilcueate please and loving you vids mate

  6. One video and I'm already subscribing. It usuly takes 3-4 with other channels. Great video

  7. Dan, I have one question
    Can you do a career mode with Chelsea on FIFA 15?
    Love your ocntent, keep it up!

  8. Get Hernandez or Jackson Martinez but I recommend Jackson Martinez

  9. When u picked who u should sell u messed up u went isco Rodriguez then Kronos then Rodriguez

  10. Sell Diego Lopez and khedira be cuz illaremendi an isco have real good potential

  11. Dan, PLS put Jovetic the number 9 and sign Chicharito and put him the number 14
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  12. Wtf why the fudge u selling Rodriguez yo sell isco cause James is better. Are you out of your mind. I'm a huge fan of yours but why the fudge u selling James!!!

  13. try and loan javier hernandez next transfer window

  14. Dj99 I so good at fifa can't wait till fifa 15

  15. Can u plz stop saying 'get in there' every time you score? Variation plz

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