Derrick Rose CRAZY GAME WINNER vs Pelicans! Pistons vs Pelicans 2019 NBA Season -

Derrick Rose CRAZY GAME WINNER vs Pelicans! Pistons vs Pelicans 2019 NBA Season

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Derrick Rose CRAZY GAME WINNER vs Pelicans! Pistons vs Pelicans December 9, 2019-20 NBA Season

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  1. Now he's having upper body injury cause of Griffin😁😁😁

  2. Same look on his face when he hit the game winner vs Cleveland in the playoffs 2015

  3. I still really believe if not with his injuries he'll definitely be the one on top of the convo with mj debate and not that fraud king, dude just have that killer mentality in him and the only reason y rose lost to lbj is coz of that superteam he formed in miami

  4. The commentators and Drose reaction are boring asf. Should atleast put the Kawhi laugh. Atleast

  5. Those commentators is so salty btw I’m a d rose fan

  6. Only real nigga seen what he did wit his hands after the shoot😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤔🤔🤔🤔

  7. The picture look like Derrick rose was fighting

  8. though he is so Good and Popular… He stays and choose to be HUMBLE.. very seldom NBA players can do that.. Godbless DROSE!

  9. Commentators is with the side of pelicans

  10. Windy City Assassin aka The Original Chi Town Steppa aka Poohdini aka Too Big Too Fast Too Strong Too Good aka YOUNGEST MVP EVER

  11. Before Commentators: Rose going to dribble the ball and pass it to Draymond Doubting

    After Commentators: Try to Glorified Rose but failed

  12. my G really stacked it and locked it 7️⃣4️⃣ 🔱 🤞🏾🔯

  13. He said “and hes got the little midrange” 😭😭😭😭 salty ass commentators

  14. Most humble player ever hits game winners and although he’s really excited he’s hit the shot he stays humble

  15. This is the most boring buzzer beater of all time holy fuck. It was a good shot but the announcers ruined it

  16. Let me step back and kiss myself. Big time players make big time plays!!

  17. This is the most quiet game winner I've ever seen 😂.

  18. Man if he had this jumper in Chicago maybe the injuries don't happen

  19. Derrick rose should cut off his hair and go back to Chicago

  20. The space he created on that game winner and especially on a great defender like holiday was just crazy

  21. "He knows how to close, he's been doing it for years, don't let the injuries fool you."

    Goddamn right

  22. They needed to review it? It’s so in there face wth

  23. Looking at Detroit they had a team but terrible organization and terrible coaching.

  24. Hahahahaha his reaction was just like his buzze beater in chicago bulls against cavs LOL

  25. May be old but still got some juice when he needs it most

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