Don Fabi engine! Caruana plays a crazy game in the Petroff against Duda -

Don Fabi engine! Caruana plays a crazy game in the Petroff against Duda

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The Petroff might be a dull opening but a lot depends on who the players are! In this particular encounter Fabiano Caruana and Jan Krzysztof Duda are both big fighters! And what a game they played! First of all Caruana’s brilliant opening prep, then the amazing tactical middlegame fight and finally the super complex endgame duel between the rook and knight. Don’t miss this amazing encounter between two of the best players in the world.

You can download the PGN with analysis from here:

Video: Sagar Shah

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  1. Sir decide karo kon first h kon 2nd🙂😍🙏

  2. Sir! Why didn't you premier this? It would be fun!

  3. In time pressure, fabi missed a4 on 37th move I think or else don fabi would have won

  4. All praises for Duda as well for defending so well.

  5. Everyone saying how crazy the game was and how well Caruana played, but not enough people are giving credit to Duda and how well he defended a losing game into a draw

  6. A correction in the video: At 07:18, Rh6 is a mate because Rook is being protected by the bishop. So, king can't take it.😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. 1:45 me , who do novelties in every 4th or 6th move not knowing the theory and here gms doing it in middlegames😂😂😂😂

  8. At 7:24 in the video Can white play 1.Rh6+ Bxh6 2.Bd4+ Re5 3.Bxe5+ Bg7 4.Qxg7#

  9. Defending such attacking and complicated position🧐🧐🧐 is just amazing. I would have resigned the game? Hats off to Duda and Sagar Sir (for his nice analysis).❤️❤️

  10. #DonFabi is turning into a great force of chess… Worried that our Hari sir will be defeated tonight. Anyway, go fabi go!

  11. If Tal would be in place of Caruana , he would have won, but appreciated attacking move , and well defence by duda

  12. 3:23 what if the knight captures the black bishop of white instead of the pawn that way black has no fear of being pinned or lose his knight?

  13. at 10:42 why not play rook g3? Seems incredibly strong too with mating threat

  14. I respect chessbase and also sagar sir. But in my opinion (which no one cares).. No one can review games better than Agadmator (HELLO EVERYONE) (sorry for that).
    For those who wants to enjoy you please go and check Agadmators channel for a better analysis.

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