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Dr Disrespect RICH Lifestyle: GORGEOUS Babe, INSANE House, CRAZY Gaming Setup!

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Dr Disrespect RICH Lifestyle: GORGEOUS Babe, INSANE House, CRAZY Gaming Setup!

Welcome back to Gamers Hype, today on the channel we are going to check out Dr Disrespect lifestyle and how he spends his millions. Before becoming a popular streamer, Beahm was a multiplayer map designer for one of the developers of the Call of Duty series, Sledgehammer Games, and was responsible for designing many of the maps in Advanced Warfare. He later made the jump to streaming full-time, creating the satirically arrogant and confident alter-ego of Dr Disrespect.

Dr Disrespect, who is often also referred to as ‘Dr D’, ‘The Doc’, or ‘The Two-Time Champion’, mainly streams himself in his fictional Champions Club playing some of the best competitive FPS games such as Valorant and Call of Duty: Warzone. He is the creator of the ‘Triple Threat Challenge’, a test of gaming skill in which he attempts to win rounds in three different battle royale or FPS titles back-to-back in as little time as possible. Dr Disrespect’s net worth is believed to be in the region of $4 million. His net worth comes from a variety of different income streams including streaming donations and subscriptions, ad revenue, merchandise sales, and sponsorship deals. It is already well known that the streamer has a prominent car collection, which includes Lamborghini, BMW Alpina 87, and other toys that are well suited for the big man. The Two-Time streamer of the year is not just famous for merely screaming at his mic; the multi-millionaire streamer has a fancy car collection. He showcased a slight tease of his lifestyle in Call of Duty Champions in 2019. He showed up with his expensive, hot ride, Lamborghini Aventador that left the fans starry-eyed. The streamer shared the video of him driving his favorite toy while he shed light on his car collection. Stay tuned for more details on Dr Disrespect lifestyle and how he spends his millions.

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  1. Listen up, the 2x will reveal all in due time. It's not what you think, Like that flavor saver. It's all real champs.

  2. I really think it's because Doc mentioned watching something by David Ike in that last Twitch stream. If you're not familiar with the name, look it up and it will probably make a bit of sense to you as well

  3. Says it all. Nearly half a million views but less than 4k likes 🤣 I'd love to see the dislikes but your not allowed to dislike anything now because they want to control your opinion

  4. Read the description 🤣 he thinks he's called the two time because he won streamer of the year twice. While that is true 2017/2019 he actually is the 2 team back to back 1993/94 blockbuster video game champion as in for real. There are videos of him as a kid playing in the blockbuster world championship.

  5. Doc the the BEST to ever do it. Its not even close

  6. First 4 minutes of this video has nothing to do with the headline. Annoying AF.

  7. If a man can afford a $315,000 PC and a $170M dollar studio….he's worth more than $6M

  8. Totally skipped over the halo 2 YouTube videos lol

  9. "It might surprise you to learn Dr. Disrespect is not his real name."

    WAIT WUT?!

  10. Don't disrespect THE Disrespect itself bro. the 2 time 6"8 37" vertical leap unit deserves all respect.

  11. 2x is the goat. Though I do think he makes more money then 6m

  12. he all totally deserves his money, nothing shocking, Doc worked hard to get there, the quality of it is "show" and the work provided upstream is incredible, we can only wish him more decades of successes and shows. We Love you Doc peace from Portugal " Yahayahayaha

  13. 6:10 – That's his Lambo not a Delorean (Maybe look at the wheels, something that resemble a lambo badge can be found there)

  14. Doc is the absolute best ! He deserve everything he have ! ❤️

  15. Awesome Dude, Nice car, cool house and Awesome Wife and Kids. Nothing wrong with that. Work hard Play Hard.

  16. He got banned for going into a public restroom while at a gaming event, he was live streaming and the camera man stupidly followed him into the wc but unfortunately some young boy was at the urine and turns his head and looks at the camera.. once the boys parents found out there was no coming back!

  17. Where is the gorgeous baby? You mentioned gorgeous for one of he's homes. And most importantly he's gaming setup where was that part at?

  18. Tim looks like a midget compared to dr disrespect 😭 did not expect that, nickmercs isnt 5 ‘ 10” Tim is 😭😭😭

  19. No respect for Dr.Disrespect…Cheater and scammer. Champions club = clowns.

  20. This video is so cringe lol why even make this

  21. I bet he sued twitch because they didn't want to pay out the contract they just gave him.

  22. The picture with him with the doors up is a lambo.. not a DMC

  23. He now has 4.29 million subscribers this video is old.

  24. “His character might be part of his success” Amazing insight

  25. We don't know what he kooks like in his everyday life

    proceeds to show what he looks like put of costume

    What the hell is this crap

  26. So they rather have chick get banged on twitch but ban people like this.

  27. Doesn’t know what he looks like everyday shows a picture of what he looks like every day

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