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I went to England vs Colombia for the first Knockout Round at the Russia 2018 World Cup, here’s what happened! Please drop a like if you enjoyed the video & are excited for the rest of the World Cup! ► Subscribe:

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Huge thanks to Coca Cola for making this once in a lifetime trip possible!

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  1. When this happened I ran outside and shouted it’s coming home 😂😂. It totally came home 😉

  2. Considering I knew that England won on penalties against columbia, that had me on edge like I had no idea

  3. Was Spencer sitting down infront of that Instagram footballer?

  4. 18:44 how is rashford on the pitch and behind you at the same time

  5. 1966: May was the 5th month of the year
    England: wins the world cup

    2018: May was the 5th month of the year

    England: ???

  6. I love it how they all loved var in the World Cup but they hate it now 😂😂

  7. Who’s watching this after the Euro 2020 getting postponed 😭

  8. the person behind spencer said a bad word in spanish

  9. Why u just show ur face dude? We didn't see anything😒

  10. Whose watching in coronavirus and no one likes VAR

  11. I’m half Swiss and half Englisch I was so happy wen England knocked out Sweden

  12. Great game of England, there was of the beautiful Colombian ladies behind you Spencer, it was great.

  13. 10:42 the lad in the back Independiente del Valle fan 🇪🇨

  14. I remember watching this game on Colombian tv and that Colombian group of five in front of you became famous

  15. Mano não foi em nenhum do Brasil mano slk tio,esse ai não pegou o clássico

  16. I am neither English nor Colombian but this is so wholesome. God bless football the beautiful game!

  17. 10:57 I cant believe Spencer made that prediction. everyone would have called him crazy.

  18. Who’s here in 2021 when England are going to bring home the euros

  19. Nobody speaks about this pathetic referee, nobody speaks about Bacca's VALID goal in ET. PATHETIC

  20. "Coming home" and as usual out. 1966… still failing and with a dubious call on that final!

  21. funny watching a game where England fans aren't an embarrassment

  22. Who's watching this after Italy won the euros

  23. Is it coming home?
    Off to Samara next. Let's keep this going lads!!!

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