Ethiopians vs Britons vs ACCM | Atacama = Crazy Games! -

Ethiopians vs Britons vs ACCM | Atacama = Crazy Games!

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  1. So Hoang is ACCM? I thought they were two different people. They don't seem like the same person, and they each have a twitch account. What is going on!?

  2. Last time I was this early Daut was still princess.

  3. Anyone got a link to that Hoang game the dono mentioned in the beginning?

  4. viper literally humouring ACCM. you can see viper is league ahead of him. also viper not using his new way of walling up real fast, but when he leaves himself open like that is because he doesn't really fear u.

  5. but why didn’t you resign when the pros in chat said so LUL

  6. When vipy doing tati rush, vipy said he is at a good position.
    When vipy got tati rushed, vipy complaints that others have no mercy.

  7. $50,000 tourney. First round, BO3 and you matched Huang. How do you feel?

  8. "omg…i dont have thumb ring…..WTHELLLLLLLL……" Viper 2021

  9. IDK how many players could win this particular game right at imp… You know what would be funny? Having saved that moment and get some people try and win like viper did

  10. I almost never watch the livestreams, but when i do, the only game i watch goes to youtube. Feels sad man

  11. Lawyer, during the trial:
    – Would you please tell us where exactly did ACCM touch you?
    Viper :
    – Yes

  12. Anyone can help me I play arena and keep getting rush 2 players especially one cumans the others normally archers civ in feudal age how do i counter that

  13. I know everyone uses small trees, and now this new tree mod, but I cannot stand either of them. I like the way the trees look I just wish interaction with big trees was easier. I can wall them fine tho

  14. One of your better and tougher games. Loved the play. GG

  15. The only one who could come back from that early devastation and win, is Viper.

  16. Viper (got 1.5 of his vills on wood line killed): OMg how many vils is he going to kill
    Also viper: Killed 3-4 vills on ACCM's stone

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