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Every Time I Die, I Play A FAKE Fortnite…

SoaR Dylan
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Every Time I Die, I Play A FAKE Fortnite…
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  1. he was using crazy games the app alll apps in crazy games are trsh thats how he found these games

  2. the first game looked just like fortnite the developers did good on that one

  3. Minecraft was jealous of Fortnite so they decide to make their own

  4. Play rocket royale it's on mobile and like Fortnite 😂

  5. Only VR players can see the thumbnail as a real game😢

  6. Okay your one of my favorite yter but I'm not gonna lie my favorite shotgun is the drum back in chapter 3 season2

  7. Strucid isn't bad, you don't have any taste in games cuz all you play is Fortnite so ofc it's gonna be bad to you

  8. Hi Dylan I was the brite bomber skin., keep up the great vids 👍

  9. I used to play the second game on my iPad but then it did it work😭😭

  10. 1v1 lol is so easy I play with a touchpad on my School Chromebook and I kill

  11. Pls give me the name of the third behind the 1v1 pls

  12. This is what we play on our school computers at school without the teachers knowing

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