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  1. You think it’s heartbreaking being a raiders fan, welcome to Cleveland for the past 19 years

  2. How many times are you gonna hate on the colts until you finally pick them??

  3. Didn’t you say a week ago that Amari Cooper was overrated.

  4. You think theyd start jackson over super bowl winning Flacco for ONE good game? Lolol we'll see.

  5. Bears are gonna have to figure something out with contracts, your right. I’m stumped.

  6. Bruh you got 62 losses before 100 wins 😂

  7. Lol the one time you don't pick the raiders they actually win.

  8. The one time you pick the raiders to lose the win


  10. saints absolutely cannot be stopped

  11. Man you gotta stop picking against the bears

  12. Even if we (Denver) lose from here on out and end up getting another top 5 pick. Idk if Drew Lock is the guy. Elway loves the Oregon QB. I wouldn't mind Denver using hypothetically the top 5 pick on the best OL available or best DB. Think taking a QB in the top 5 of this upcoming draft is kind of not needed. Keenum still has another year on his contract I believe so whoever we do get will most likely be sitting a year at the very least or if Keenum stinks it up. Imo would love to take a chance on Brett Rypien from Boise State in rounds 3-4 or even Will Grier in round 2

  13. You are doing ok but you took a big L this week

  14. Mike McCarthy and Marvin lewis are both like a broken record… They always go 8-8 or 7-9 to just miss the playoffs.

  15. toke bro, you GOTTA stop picking against the bears bro. take the L

  16. I cant believe you called the lamar Jackson win

  17. Odell said we running the tables and he still picked against us better pick the giants from here on out

  18. Watching this late and toke went a solid 4-12 this week😂😂😂

  19. Everybody's sleeping on the Colts lol. They won 3 games in a row (4, now, since they beat the Titans who had the #1 Ranked Defense going into that game against the Colts). Andrew Luck FINALLY has an offensive line, he hasn't been sacked in 4 games and 3 quarters of a game. He's second in Touchdown passes behind Patrick Mahomes. Eric Ebron leads all Tight Ends in Touchdowns, and is tied for second in Receiving Touchdowns in general. T.Y. Hilton draws so much attention that it lets the entire Tight End group of the Colts run wild, and new Head Coach Frank Reich knows how to use Tight Ends, I mean, he was the Offensive Coordinator last year for the Super Bowl winning Eagles (who liked to use their Tight Ends), and they seem lost without him in my opinion. The run game is not crazy good, but they have definitely been getting the job more than done. The Colts have put up High Scoring games almost EVERY single game they've played this season, even the one's they lost. So their Offense has proven themselves, even with the major hiccups they were having in the beginning of the season, like dropping perfect passes.
    Don't even get me started on the Colt's Defense. They've done quite an underrated job on stopping the run, doing pretty well on inside and outside runs. Darius Leonard, the rookie LB the Colts drafted in the 2nd round (who was rated as the worst pick in the draft due to being picked "way too early"), is making a HUGE run for Rookie of the Year, or at least Defensive Rookie of the Year. He leads the ENTIRE LEAGUE in Tackles EVEN WITH SITTING OUT FOR ONE ENTIRE GAME! He has 5 sacks, 4 Pass Deflections, 1 Interception, and 4 Forced Fumbles. You can't really ask more from a Linebacker, like, he's living up to his College nickname of "The Maniac" because he plays like one. Malik Hooker has yet to really be tested this season, because teams are barely throwing at him. Kenny Moore continues to impress
    Don't sleep on the Colts. Next year, they will be a force to be reckoned with, they have way too much money to spend in Free Agency, and already the Youngest Team in the League, which means they can only get better with time. 2nd Year GM Chris Ballard is doing a ridiculously good job on rebuilding the Colts through the Draft, now let's see what he can do with the amount of money the Colts have to spend, and still a good Draft coming.

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