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  1. Your timing is so off .. You press button before your player controls the ball and u rage lol

  2. For first time will write a negative comment, you got two strange penalties and you said you dont care just wanna score ,then once the opponent scored two goals which even better than penalty you say free goals

  3. 11:04 he moved the gk you dumbass!!!! dont always complain that EVERYTHING is against you

  4. it isn’t the connection that your raging. You just don’t know how to accept loses

  5. Krasi no the second guy was not top player in my opinion, he just uses cheap tactics and glitches to win, I’m glad you showed him

  6. Nobody:

    Krasi: EeBrA TaP Eet Een!

  7. How was that not a pen I swear ea need to patch referees decisions

  8. Hey Krasi. Can you please advise as to which chemistry card will best suit 88-rated Vieri? Thanks.

  9. Scores a corner “come ooooooooooon let’s go” concedes the exact same corner “noo this is to much”

  10. You won't go crazy if you smoke before you play haha

  11. I thought people were over reacting but after playing fifa 19 i understand now

  12. Krasi Neymar or Vinicius?

    I did have gameplay issues this week and it is so frustrating

  13. Do you know a youtube that complains more than this guy? I believe He would play better by himself, without opponent! 😀

  14. When you score a header in 90min and win the match.. KRASI IS NOT STUPID

    When opponent scored same type of goal in next match.. THIS IS TOO MUCH…
    wtf bro… U complaint for the goal scored by opponent and celebrate same goal when u score it..

  15. Krasii please make a video and show us how to perform a rabona pass in fifa 19 ive seen lots of videos but they were fake man

  16. Браво Краси. Продължавай все така.Напред и нагоре🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬

  17. i love these vids because he daily uploads and he also uploads tutorials and gameplays and i learn from both great work man

  18. how did he do that crossing from kick off??

  19. God your fucking annoying how all he’s doing is reading your shots and moving his keeper just be clever and think before you shoot, just shutup

  20. The same thing happens to me. Sometimes the gameplay is good at the beginning and then after im winning all of a sudden i get this bad button delay.

    And i reckon you should try and get Neuer in your squad Krasi

  21. I have come to the realization that the problem in Fifa and in Pes is scripting. It may not be intentional as I think it's something to do with the AI program. If you play squad battles or vs com at the 3 highest difficulties you're guaranteed to experience the script. Bronze players keeping up with and being superior to some of the best players in the game, button delay, your Ai seems like they are on amateur level etc. To make the game fair, both online players Ai intelligence must be constant and even at all times. Also both must be at a state where the Ai decisions are competent and reliable but not overpowered. That's just my take on the matter.

  22. Finished my WL with 13-17 and with a huge problem, you know gameplay sucks when your players run slower than your grandma

  23. Hi krasi, makelele prime or baby Blanc as cdm in 4231 with Pogba?

  24. I would have ripped my hair off i had conceded that goal at 10:40 Krasi

  25. Krasi pleez sell blanc he is the most stupid defender in the game…get any other
    Ramos, maldini, puyul…

  26. He uses kick off glitch and u think he’s a good player? The guy is a moron and needs a glitch to score.

  27. Haha complains about Savic scoring from a corner kick, yet his zlatan scored from a further distance the match before. Always blaming gameplay or ea when you are making mistakes. Its getting old

  28. Krasi i have seen inception using and talking about 433 false 9 formation working post patch please review it

  29. You are hilarious. My fifa skill is bottom and enjoy watching your great plays. Cheers

  30. i will be honest Krasi. I love it when you complain and i love your rage

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