Forgotten and Weird PlayStation 1 Games (PS1) -

Forgotten and Weird PlayStation 1 Games (PS1)

Austin Eruption
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Sony’s Playstation 1 is one of the most influential and highest selling video game consoles of all time. But it’s also got one of the deepest libraries out there. THAT MEANS we got all kinds of Forgotten and Weird Vidya games to tackle, and you know I’m up for the task. I’m also extremely tired.

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  1. What was that one superhero game from PS1 where the guy kinda looked like Freakazoid?

  2. I was going thru an old 2003 issue of opm and saw a review for Final Fantasy Origins and didn't realize it came out that year. Like wow

  3. Anyone remember Road Rash??? The coolest racing game… Such an experience.

  4. Jumping Flash is fun. I only had the demo, but it was fun.

  5. The only reason i loved atlus for all those years is they publish anything that is weird. If i want some random ass strange game i can just look at they release wiki and find one.

  6. I think legend of legaia is even more forgotten than alundra tbf

  7. I think PS1 had the best gaming library of all time because it had all kinds of weird games

  8. I spent so many hours playing 3xtreme, Firebugs (always felt like a badass when the ''put ya hands up'' was playing), Running Wild etc. thanks for reminding them, i almost forget about those..

  9. I miss when Sony cared about making games, instead of political statements. Also Alundra is THE greatest top-down RPG.

  10. I really want to play the full version of Kingsley so bad and prices on ebay is worth over 100's. It needs to be on PS Plus classios since Sony fully owns it as they own Psygnosis, it's developer.

  11. I'm looking for a game. I had it on a demo disc. You were driving a car and there was a mini cooper and a limo. Can anyone help me?

  12. Wanna know a ps1 game that sucks, creatures, it's terrible

  13. Running wild is fucking awesome. Played that a lot with my buddy
    Yes the game was kinda short but once you beat all the stages you had to do it again with the tracks being more different and more difficult. It actually got really hard and I dont think ive beaten it as a kid

  14. Thanks for putting me up on Vagrant Story. You’re the GOAT

  15. I have played tiny tanks. Actually. You're wrong.

  16. Bro I was just begging for the jersey devil sound effects of collecting a pumpkin, ahhh nostalgia 😊

  17. I got ESPN Extreme Games. I don’t remember what online store I got it from, if I ordered it from DK Oldies or Luki Games, it is really 1xtreme. I also have 2xtreme, and 3xtreme {EBay specials}I got 50 games for my PlayStation, and honestly, is way better than Nintendo 64 I had when I was fourteen years old.

  18. Yet another request for forgotten OG xbox games!

  19. I’m so glad to hear Elemental Gearbolt mentioned. I loved that game and no one I knew even had it except for me.

  20. Jumping flash is one of the best platformers ever

  21. Die hard trilogy is one of the best game on the platform

  22. @austineruption I love General Chaos, I keep hoping the Switch will get a port of it somehow!

  23. doesn't jinx looks like pomni or am i crazy

  24. Stop upselling in your videos. Stop trying to sell.

  25. Don't forget, Tron Bonne and the Megaman Legends games are still on the US PS3 store!

  26. I used to play this ps game in the 90s lol but I can't remember the name😅 and it bugs me..but every character had like their own story and there was a space like cop who used a sword….man this bugs me

  27. Immediately recognized the music from Spyro 2-Ripto's Rage! My absolute FAVORITE game as a kid, in the middle of my first playthrough in years thanks to the good gods of emulation :p

  28. I had the demo discs. Tiny tank. Plenty of weird games that only exist in my memory. No clue what the names were.

  29. i don't think it would classify as a forgotten game, but to me the most criminally underrated ps1 game is Alone in the Dark 4 The New Nightmare

  30. 2Xtreme was one of my favs as a kid! Good call. Thanks for the nostalgia

  31. Omg, Running Wild on PS 1 is one of the very first games I ever remember playing when I was like 6-7. It brings a lot of good memories. I loved the bull dude on the game and was never able to beat the space stage 😂

  32. The original PlayStation was the best and still is

  33. Populous the beginning. Its a forgotten ps1 game that ive played so many years ago. Ive had over a 100 ps1 games but ive forgotten more than half now. Wish they'd remake legend of dragoon too.

  34. 989 Studios was a (mostly) pretty awful developer. They ruined Twisted Metal for the rest of the PS1's life. Syphon Filter was the only redemption from them.

  35. Eidos had some hidden gems that got outshined/forgotten. Ninja, akuji the heartless. As for licensed games, one that is my childhood that people rare know exists is the spice girls, spice world game 😂 square's parasite eve is a hidden gem too and one i wish they would remake, but pe2 is definitely overshadowed. So many forgotten/hidden gems…

  36. wonder if this guy would do a review of te burger king game

  37. Hey Austin, try out ps1 T.R.A.G. your welcome

  38. the sequel of alundra is the hardest game ever made, but the history, art, and character design is wonderfull

  39. I LOVED Team Buddies, such a fun game, escpecially with a friend.

  40. There was a PS demo with this game (survival/shooter/horror) where you statred off in a snowy mountainside i believe,

    then ended up in a cave system within the mountain (tech/industrial setting) however there were these giant silverfish looking bugs that wiped all the workers out. Anybody know the name of the game by chance?

    Again, it was on a ps1 demo disc. Cant remember name of it😢.

    Plz help me y'all

  41. A portion of this video was sponsored by World of Tanks Blitz! Show your daring mettle and get a FREE special bonus code from me "WOTBLITZ23”

    HOWDY HAPPY 2023! And by that I mean mid February because I took a snoozer. My birthday's tomorrow also, and I plan to have the big sleep again cause you'll be getting TWO videos this week. You interested in Gotham Knights? Just a few more days, pwomise.

    ANYWAYS, what are some other old PS1 games I should take a look at? Or just, you know, hidden gems that time is forgetting about? I gots to know.

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