Forgotten and Weird Xbox 360 Games (X360) -

Forgotten and Weird Xbox 360 Games (X360)

Austin Eruption
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Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was THE Seventh Generation console to own. Despite it’s… many many flaws, it’s got an insane library filled with modern classics AND now tons of Forgotten Gems and Weird oddities. The console is also 18 years old now which means I’m turning into dust.

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  1. Aww the series x a great console as long as it doesnt give out within 9 months for no reason like mine did thanks Microsoft first console of yours i bought and it will definitely be the last Playstation was always better anyways.

  2. Dude, Kameo was awesome at the time. Viva Piñata, oblivion, and RuneScape were also my jam back then.

  3. I bought my 360 for Bioshock and then Oblivion

  4. when did kameo get re-release on the 360? Did ever get a release before that happened then? The original release for the original Xbox got cancelled.

  5. you saying it was almost 20 gave me a crisis

  6. oh god, not just did i PLAY kameo, i BEAT kameo….

  7. Binary Domain is one of the best forgotten games…

  8. what, i thought the witch game had big stages so you could fly on the broom gun, that was a wasted oportunity

  9. Couldn't disagree more on your assessment of Kameo. If anything, Kameo is the precise OPPOSITE of a time waster. It's 5 hours long, and during those 5 hours you get thrown new powers your way at a non-stop rate. All the powers/transformations are unique and do something different. There really isn't any filler at all in the game. That's what makes it so fun. The downside is of course that this means it's a very short game. But to me it really felt like a no-filler game, the exact opposite of what you're saying. The controls may seem a little weird at first, but it works perfectly fine, so what's even the issue? It's a game I think every 360 player should play, provided you don't pay TOO much for it considering its very short and doesn't necessarily have a lot of replay value.

  10. I played kameo with my brother we had a good time but I cant remember to much about it

  11. I'm glad you mentioned Prey. That was one of my first 360 games. I loved it. lol

  12. Loved kameo played the game at least 12 times since xbox released it I remember first time ever playing an Xbox 360 was a video rental shop called choices in the UK and kameo was that childhood game for me

  13. I think the first 360 games I received were Call of Duty 2, Amped 3, and Perfect Dark Zero. Can’t believe that’s been nearly 20 years ago…sheesh

  14. I got an xbox one just for Rare Replay. Kameo is my top favourite 360 game, along with Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise. Also love Tenchu Z.
    Kameo was and still is way too underrated. The atmosphere is so relaxing, and the graphics are really nice to look at. The collectible skins are cool, and just flying around is fun and relaxing.
    I also love Fable 1 2 3 😊

  15. I downloaded the browser and its not displaying your you tube channel on the boot page.

  16. Tenchu was and will always be a classic I’ll pay 60$ to this day for Ana other tenchu

  17. “Kameo elements of power” was the reason for me to get an Xbox360 and “Forza horizon 2” later on.

  18. chat was so toxic back then… it was like the wild west lol😂

  19. The outfit was the 1st 360 game we played. Me and all my cousins played it till the end for a few days on coop

  20. My first xbox 360 game was Lost Planet

  21. Happy Thyroid Hair Appreciation Day. Certainly, an underappreciated holiday.

  22. That A Kingdom for Keflings game better be on here. Bizare whack ass game lol.

  23. Bullet witch and 99 Nights were the first games I got for my 360.

    Bullet Witch is hard to get back into thanks to the control scheme. The unalterable control scheme.

  24. 9:40 PLEASE tell me where is this music from? This low fidelity tune, it is SO familiar, but i cannot remember :(((((

  25. Some lady tried selling me a Michael Phelps Xbox game yesterday. Declined because wtf was that, but I should’ve. 😂😂

  26. I liked Cloining Clyde growing up so thank you for reminding me it existed, at the time of typing this comment, I bought it on Steam for 5 bucks but back in the day I played it on the 360, otherwise I was always a PlayStation person

  27. yeah I remember when I popped my first cherry oh wait you're talking about the video games never mind 😂❤😅

  28. I wanna know we're you found a retro game store in New Braunfels. I've been here 6 months and I've only seen the GameStop?

  29. I was ps1, ps2, until shortly after fable the lost chapters. After that 360 all the way to series x with ps3@4 inbetween. Anyone else remember the days gta was playstation only. Back then some people thought bully on xbox was never going to happen.

  30. My first 360 game i do believe was peter jacksons king kong.

  31. Yo, Enchanted Arms was a BANGER. I really regret not finishing it.

    My mom bought it for me, and I played for hours, then forgot to save. I reached a boss that I couldn't beat, and there was no way out of it, so I lost all my progress, raged and traded it in. Even over a decade later, I feel really bad about it LOL

  32. Pretty sure I had peggle and geometry wars on my 360. They were like electronic crack

  33. prey was an awesome game, bulletwitch i bought because there was nothing else and omg it sucked.

  34. 360 was the best system ever released and I'm not even an Xbox fan. Halo 3-4 Lost Odessy Gears, 1-3, and Fable 1-2 made it legendary.

  35. Glad I can still play kameo on my series s

  36. my first xbox 360 game was halo 3… god I miss those days

  37. You forgot to mention that cave a legendary shmup company had most of their prolific cv1000 games Creating a generation of bullet hell enthusiasts

  38. Hell dodonpachi saidaioujou is the last pure arcade game ever that takes quarters released in 2012 has a port that was made in 2013

  39. I've played Kameo and know a couple of people who worked on it. 🙂

  40. I remember playing Kameo on my XBOX 360 when I was younger. However, I was stuck at one specific phase at the start of the game which little me could not figure out how to complete. I feel like many XBOX 360 games are very difficult. I replayed Tomb Raider and it is still difficult! No wonder little me started giving up on these games 😂😂 I wish Kameo was available on PC or Steam or something – it's such a nostalgic game.

  41. I miss Kingdom of Keflings! I've replayed numerous amounts of times but towards the end it gets boring – never got to finish it. 🫣

  42. I strongly disagree kameo is a truly heavily underrated Game if not 1 of the best 360 launch games

  43. Get a browser that’s literally better at everything:

    HOWDY, The Xbox 360 came out nearly 18 years ago and I am slowly turning into dust. SO, enjoy this Retro console with me as we dive into the vast pond of Forgotten Games! I KNOW there's a bunch I missed this time around, but I mostly tried to swing for Exclusives. One of these day's I'll be getting to the Multi-Plats, and you know I'll be talking about some Dark Sector.

    Anyways… How y'all doin? Play anything cool lately?

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