Game Cafe Escape Walkthrough [Masa's Games] -

Game Cafe Escape Walkthrough [Masa’s Games]

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Game Cafe Escape Walkthrough [Masa’s Games]
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  1. I love escape games but when I played this one I was disappointed that there were no hints because I had no clue what to do so this helped a lot!

  2. Thank you for this walkthrough. 🙂

  3. gracias he visto todos tus videos para pasarlo y lo logre 😀

  4. Réussite à 45% reste vraiment trop compliqué.

  5. Thank you for tutor,i really like this game 🤩

  6. Tysm! I Was Really Stuck On Some Parts

  7. Man idc how much time ppl will hate you deserve a sub cuz of the tutorials TYSM!

  8. I try to find "chan's room" which is an escape game. Anyone played before that game or like something?

  9. i thought the coded message was carrot soup but no it was great escape

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