GAME OF THE YEAR WILD ENDING!!! Bills vs. Chiefs -


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  1. During that game,I just knew that KC was the better team and just how special Mahomes is.

  2. Another shaky 4th quarter with Allen and the offense. Zero points in the 4th just isnt going to get it done and Allen has had this happen before. He needs to relax and stop playing hero ball.

  3. I have season tickets and this was probably one of the best games the Chiefs have ever played, it was electric. Nothing can be worse than playing as the opposing team in Arrowhead Stadium. I have had season tickets for 40 years when I was 6, but people who drive down I-70 highway which is probably one of the busiest highways in KC say they can hear Arrowhead all the way through the traffic when they drive by. I believe it, people who live within 20 blocks of the stadium can hear the fans.

  4. Referees (Chiefs) headed to the Super Bowl again.

  5. 2 years later and this is still the greatest game of all time

  6. I laugh at this video every time I see the Bills celebrate the victory only to have their hopes dashed by MAHOMES MAGIC!!!!!

  7. Buffalo team that just cant get it done pets go maybe one day

  8. To let them get into field goal range with 13 sec is actually insanr

  9. Bro watching this at 11 pm on my bed in the dark at night was the best thing 😭

  10. What’s annoying are the COMMERCIALS!! Ugh!

  11. All that energy and they lost in 13 seconds lol

  12. Love going back to watch this…These ads are obnoxious though

  13. The weirdest thing about this game is that everyone there would be confused if you told them – "if we moved this game forward in time two years, the person who would be cheering the loudest for Travis Kelce's winning touchdown catch would be Taylor Swift". They would all say "What?".

  14. Doesn't these Buffalo failures with great players such as J Allen remind you of other Buffalo greats like Kelly and OJ. Great players but also falls short to the ultimate goal.

  15. Never leave time on the clock, Mahomes will find a way to win.

  16. Nothing better 🏈 america football woman party 🎉 fun mahones history

  17. Never count Mahomes and the Chiefs out, this was one for the ages, Bast game I ever seen…this game will haunt Buffalo fans for years to come, I love it… #Chiefskingdom

  18. Is crazy how the Bills thought they won the game after their touchdown.

  19. In the last 13 seconds why wouldn't you want to run some time off the clock, instead of kicking the ball into the end zone, but then again,,,, maybe he runs the back all the way!!!!! 🎉❤ a tremendously good game for both team's 😅

  20. As a member of bills Mafia we was never the same after this heartbreaking 💔 loss 😢

  21. Another prime example of prevent defense only preventing winning

  22. Beautifully .. quarter Back Sneak .. Fixed .. love it .. 8.1 million votes ..

  23. No moment is too big for mahomes, the best to ever do it

  24. this gave birth to the new OT guidelines, aka the John Allen rule =))

  25. @28:14 Josh is looking like a total sped with that helmet on. Like bruh take the effin helmet off already😂

  26. This was the game that the NFL changed the OT rules

  27. Γράφω εδώ ένα "σχόλιο",για να το δει η 50χρονη κουρούνα (τι 50χρονη…πενηνταφεύγα )που γραφτηκε συνδρομήτρια στο κανάλι μου,μόνο και μόνο για να παρακολουθεί,τι βλέπω η τι σχολιάζω !
    Και μάλιστα, φρόντισε να μη φαίνεται στους συνδρομητές μου,η κουτοπόνηρη!
    Μα έλα που τη μέρα που γραφτηκε συνδρομήτρια,εκείνη ακριβώς τη στιγμή,έτυχε να είμαι στο youtube, και είδα ποια είναι,πριν "κρύψει" τα στοιχεία της,το προφίλ της δηλαδή !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Της λέω λοιπόν,ή σωστότερα, της το γράφω εδώ,για να το δει,όπως κάθεται και βλέπει η πανηλίθια τι βλέπω ή τι σχολιάζω στο youtube ,κάνοντας την πλάκα μου και μόνο : -Βρε τσόλι,βρε κουτοπόνηρη, βρε ζώο !!Δεν έχεις τι να κάνεις στη μίζερη ζωή σου???Τόσο πολύ σ' ενδιαφέρει,τι βλέπω εγω ή τι σχολιάζω για χαβαλέ,στο youtube??Αλλά,αν είχες κάτι σπουδαίο ν' ασχοληθείς,δε θα 'γραφες και μαλακίες στίχους…"
    Ανόητη, ε ανόητη, ε τούβλο !!!!

  28. Buffalo choked so hard from coaching to defense and tackling, in no way shape or form should they have lost that game, they are never winning a Super Bowl

  29. Whenever it comes to the tough situation, Mahomes always steps up. Congratulations for winning Super Bowl again.

  30. Had to come back and watch this today. After going back to back, have been reliving all these memories. What a time to be a Chiefs fan. Chiefs Kingdom!

  31. That's why…you don't Celebrate until the Game…is Actually Over!

  32. Why were the commentators acting like the game was over?

  33. HoF Kicker.. Harrison has multiple records and 3 rings.. He's one of the all time kickers

  34. crazy mahomes owns the bills and the 49ers. the bills never getting a ring

  35. I'm a Giants fan, but I often tend to root for Mahomes. And coming back to this 2 years later, there's no doubt in my mind, McDermott should've been in the hot seat after this game, and fired after the Bengals loss the following year. All the props in the world to the Chiefs, but the 13 seconds drive is a fireable offense. The decision to not kick the ball short is idiotic. Then playing prevent defense on the 1st play as if the Chiefs need a TD is still foolish. Then like Romo said, having a 4th rusher when you know the Chiefs need to throw it quick on the second play is still dumb. And on top of that you're leaving the middle open, and covering the outside as if they don't have a timeout on that play is the cherry on top. And McDermott is supposedly a defensive coach… Mahomes is a generational talent, but you have arguably the second best QB in the league who can go toe-to-toe with him, and you're squandering his best years with a numbskull head coach. Even if the Bills make the Bowl with him in upcoming years, I assure you whichever NFC coach is there between McVay, Lafleur, or Shanahan, they're gonna wipe the floor with him. End of rant

  36. I absolutely hate how they won it OT simply because they scored first. Im glad they finally changed the rules for this year, but still that was a terrible way to lose… I feel for the bills because Allen played lights out.

  37. 7 Youtube commercials in the first 14 min of video…WTF YOUTUBE

  38. Buffalo learned ANYTHING this game?

    Do NOT CELEBRATE until final second is off the clock with the lead vs Mahomes!

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