GothamChess and Hikaru's Brother Play A Crazy Game -

GothamChess and Hikaru’s Brother Play A Crazy Game

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GothamChess and Hikaru’s Brother (Asuka Nakamura) play a crazy game worth analyzing.

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  1. Could be judging this entirely wrong but do Hikaru and Levy not get on anymore? Have I missed something? 😕

  2. Hikaru is extra harsh when he reviews Levy's play. In chess terms I think he sees Levy as a bit dodgy (although he is very complimentary of him sometimes too)

  3. I think Levy and and Hikaru are not on good terms honestly. In one of his videos, Levy said that he doesn’t talk to Hikaru and it’s also pretty obvious that Hikaru isn’t fond of Levy. I don’t even know when did this happen, but it surely is a thing. It makes me kinda sad because the best era of chess was when these two made colabs and sub battles. I mean sure chess is growing but those times were the best.

  4. I guess Hikaru's comments on Levi's game and the movie Whiplash are the best examples for negative motivation.

  5. Hikaru provides the best commentary and analysis on chess games, far better than Agadmator, Levy or Narodisky. Who are all great still.

  6. quit shitting on levy it makes me not want to watch you

  7. Everybody in comments: shades between Hikaru and Levy
    Me: wait, Hikaru have a brother?

  8. suddenly people's in the comment making drama OMEGALUL

  9. Hikaru slingin shade at levy hard… geeze what did he steal your sponsor?

  10. Did you mean to post this hikaru? Just trying to make sure people know you really havent grown up at all?

  11. Levi be like : why we still here? Just to suffer.

  12. Am I the only one finding out that Hikaru has a brother?

  13. I am of course not as good as Levy but he makes fairly basic positional mistakes that even I can pick up. Taking the Knight in this Trompowsky setup uses time, plus you give up an incredibly useful bishop for a knight that is not doing much, allowing black to free his position bring his bad bishop into the game(for free). You need to keep the tension on the pin until the right time. Even I can see the positional naivety here.

  14. Levy needs to realize like yeah he ain't Hikaru… but he's still Nakamura

  15. I'm actually a much bigger fan of Hikaru than Levy but God this is cringe. We get it dude, you're way better than him. That's why we watch you. Maybe you're annoyed he's bigger on YouTube even though you're a much better player. But dude when you act like this you're hard to like. It comes off as painfully insecure

  16. Why is the ratings so much higher in online chess vs fide ratings?

  17. Levy is one of the worst IMs chess has ever seen maybe. He's always so pompus and cocky but his game is terrible. I guess its true what they say "Empty vessels make the most noise". I hope Hikaru breaks any ties or contact with Levy

  18. For all the people who think Hikaru is being harsh, it's just because the guy thinks Levy is GM material, and is simply trying to point out the fact that he's got one thing down but lacks the other thing. It's negative encouragement, but I doubt he means it to be disrespectful.

  19. i thought levy was kinda lame to do the "i litteraly don't even care" jokes few months ago but damn, the bitterness from hikaru is forever now lol. A bit sad from both honestly

  20. You: failed to see 20 moves ahead
    Hikaru: this move shows zero understanding

  21. People on Youtube can be dumb as crap sometimes this is obviously constructive criticism. Stop jumping into conclusions jeez making drama where there is none snowflakes. And Hikaru and Levy are great friends and there is no reason to why they wouldn't be the banter between them has always been here since 2020 at least and maybe even far back as 2019 but I doubt that. Also Hikaru and Levy are busy with there own projects and doings they are not obligated to give out a video of them collabing everyday and that simply isn't practical

  22. Wow everyone in this comment section wants drama so bad. If you don't like hikaru, don't watch him.

  23. I like the part where Hikaru compares Gotham’s understanding of chess to that of a 7 year old. He then blurted out “Congresswoman AOC is smarter than Levy.” Good times.

  24. Levy: dont give up bishop for knight if you dont have to.
    Also Levy:

  25. Plot twist: Hikarus brother is levy’s training partner

  26. I think Hikaru and Levy are on bad terms, they used to make content together all the time. I think it happened when Hikaru got ”cancelled” by many big chess streamers for his toxic behavior. After that levy and hikaru haven’t made a single collab. It is sad but hikaru always treated levy quite badly so maybe it is for the best

  27. Why does Hikaru's brother not get a name. YoU'rE talking in third person even though its your channel ? Confused brooo

  28. Damn man, this must be so embarrassing for levy

  29. 'I do care, I literally care' – Hikaru's brother

  30. I feel like Hikaru's brother is the "Stig" of chess!!!

    All my "Top Gear" fans know what I mean!! LOL

  31. Why you are so salty against levy these days? Ain't you supposed to be friends? So your brother have 100 percent understanding i guess! Stop being so rude hikaru. We love you for reason. Don't ruin it.

  32. There is a lot to learn here. There is nothing mean about the criticism. If Levy wants to be a grandmaster, he has to get much better. He is lucky to have H, to give him feedback.

  33. I've kinda stopped watching Hikaru because of how he evaluates Levi's play. Obviously, Hikaru is significantly stronger but there is a difference between being critical and being rude. When you watch guess the elo on Levi's channel, even when he is roasting someone, he is tactful in his approach and generally educational. I can't imagine criticizing a "friend's" play in the way Hikaru does.

  34. Sometimes, I could see why people would think Hikaru is a jerk. It is almost as if he doesn't quite understand the impact of his words…or if he does, may he just is a jerk? I don't know. Need more data.

  35. Thank you Hikaru, for your wonderful teachings and commentary.

  36. hikaru you should do more training sessions with levy

  37. Wait. I don't understand. Is there a situation between Levy and Hikaru?……

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