GothamChess and Hikaru's Brother Play A Crazy Game -

GothamChess and Hikaru’s Brother Play A Crazy Game

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GothamChess and Hikaru’s Brother (Asuka Nakamura) play a crazy game worth analyzing.

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  1. Why so much shade towards Levy these days? 💔

  2. 4th comment, hi hikaru, love ur pogchamps vids and ur trix only speedrun

  3. is it me or Hikaru is obsessed with Levy these days?

  4. Why does levy always massively complain about his viewers trading bishops for knights at the start but does it himself? What’s the difference here

  5. Levy skipped puzzle rush day as well all know.

  6. levy really has a difficult time with the nakamuras

  7. No hate intended but Hikaru’s expectations for Levy are so high, I don’t know if that’s good or bad

  8. Hikaru is just sad sad that Levy has more subs 🙁

  9. Thanks! I really love when you do such a deep analysis of the game. Not only blasting through puzzles but also explaining the players' tactics and mistakes!

  10. Oh my god, Hikaru really uses every opportunity he gets to say that Levy isn't good enough at chess. Completely unnecessary and childish. And rather narcissistic as well.

  11. When’s the next collab? Feels like y’all are secret beefing

  12. So Hikaru is being confrontational with Levy which is a big blunder, he should instead actually go and praise Levy, that's just the thing, that's just actually much much better. Ok, I mean, yeah, yeah,yeah, that should just be a logical move, and again, it's just actually much much better. And actually, the reason why that was not a good move is that Levy's just winning YouTube, so actually the move is very logical, I don't understand.

  13. Yikes! Was it two or three times Hikaru said "This move shows zero understanding"?

  14. Hikaru player, thank you for your hard work in yesterday's competition. You still give me a good explanation of puzzle tactics. I'm still rooting for you.

  15. Haha always a pleasure to see levy or u losing😂😂❤

  16. I also really like the explanations, Hikaru. Especially when you're going over why a move was a bad move.

  17. Hikaru and Levy, you need to hug it out. You guys are both amazing!

  18. It's funny how Hikaru says that an IM has 0 understanding

  19. I know its a bit rude at first but I think Hikaru just doin that as a joke, like Magnum Carlosen and him do. And I also feel like Hikaru expects big in Levy too. Levy's fighting BrotherHikaru too so I think theres some kind of relation and sibling and friend things(idk the term I was about to say). Hikaru was just being a Gordon Ramsey, so people don't make or start issues. You guys, the fan base always starts the fire.

  20. Some of you guys are thirsty af for drama. This is, at worst, favoritism toward black because, well, it IS his own brother

  21. I might get a lot of hate for saying this but here's my take on Levy and Hikaru "beef". This is coming from someone that enjoy both their content. In my opinion, the rate of Levy's channel growth and popularity is built up by Hikaru. If they've never collab and if it wasn't for all the exposure that Hikaru gave Levy on his twitch channel, it would have taken years for Levy to get to this point (I still think he would eventually get their due to his entertaining style). Recently, Levy has not collab to Hikaru ever since he's gotten more popular on YouTube. Sure, Levy is more busy nowaday with tournaments, life, and putting more focus on his YouTube channel instead of Twitch but this just also happened to be the perfect and convenient excuse to not get too involved with Hikaru anymore since he doesn't "need" Hikaru anymore. In some way, it feels a bit like a betrayal. I don't blame either of them for any of their action or the decision they've made though.

    P.S. Edit: For people that misunderstand this comment, I DO NOT think there are any beef or drama between Hikaru and Levy, I just suggested a POSSIBLE reason for other PEOPLE who thinks there might be a turn in their relationship. They grew apart and Hikaru did a lot of Levy so I hope their relationship remain solid going forward.

  22. Title should be: Hikaru's Son plays a crazy game against Hikaru's Brother

  23. God this comment section is trash. There's no shade, it's just banter. It's an online blitz game of no consequence.

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