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Halo 5 – CRAZY GAMES in the Slayer Playlist!

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  1. The plays bro…. and this… is to go…even further.. beyond a super saiyan! -goku. ( he was talking about reclaimer ) we need the meme bro!

  2. When the sword guy came car 1 I lost it lmao!

  3. "I dont like female leads because bitches are stupid"

  4. Would be interesting hearing who you don’t like. You’re fairly chill, so it’s more of how they got to you.

  5. A lot of big dick plays , welcome to the club buddy 😂

  6. Ha ha ha I'm dying you said you fucking penis.

  7. Your plays definitely saved that second game.
    I just wanted to say I appreciate the frequent uploads, and the double upload today doesn't hurt either!

  8. Do you have any idea who you're queuing against?

  9. Who cares whether you talk shit or not? I don't. Why should anyone tell you what to do? Great games as always you are the most constant content creator I know. There are uploads every day from you and that is insane. A month ago when you took a week off, I honestly didn't mind. Usually with other content creators I'm waiting a few days for them to upload, but not you. Sometimes I have to watch 3 videos in one sitting just to catch up!

  10. I support the trash talking and the polite versions of clay haha. But you know I love the shit talk

  11. Can you lock into enemies that have camo with the Hydra? There needs to be better counters to camo. One thing that can be done, is placing camo somewhere wide in the open where people can easily be killed if they tried to grab it. Just an idea

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