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Happy New Year !!! $100,000 Buy In… Crazy Game !!

Ultimate Coin Pusher
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Happy New Year


  1. Are you able to load the quarters to either side or does it spread em out as you drop?

  2. That is the first time I have seen a losing game, thanks for honesty, good luck on your next one

  3. Im sorry buddy.. good try, but the back glass will not allow the quarters to get high enough to touch those towers on the side. Would of been better to have spent all those quarters in trick shots….

  4. I just subscribed to your channel and I want to wish you a Happy new year

  5. Why do you pretend to be in a casino (because they do). Build a wall and get over it.

  6. it was Super Awesome to see you at my live last night … keep up the good work Man ! Happy New Year !!

  7. Still I think the place would love since they know you're doing these videos that if you're our dice in there you should put him back in the machine at the end and roll him you know of the shelf

  8. Why do you guys play your own machines and pretend to play in arcade or casino. You can never hear any music playing.

  9. You lost my interest when you stopped the machine. Loser

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