High Speed Crazy Crashes #2 Car Crashes Experiments - BeamNG Drive - voxelo.us

High Speed Crazy Crashes #2 Car Crashes Experiments – BeamNG Drive

Pro Gaming Studio
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High speed crazy crashes. Car crashes experiment beamng drive. All gameplay videos are recorded and edited by me. I hope you have fun watching the video. Subscribe.

Game info:
BeamNG.drive is an incredibly realistic driving game with near-limitless possibilities. Our soft-body physics engine simulates every component of a vehicle in real time, resulting in true-to-life behavior. With years of meticulous design, intensive research and experience, the simulation authentically recreates the excitement of real world driving.

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  1. 2:46 the car got hit so hard the windows lost texture 💀💀

  2. Just the fact I get a bit of a rush when the cars get demolished to oblivion..it's awsome 🤣

  3. Just purchased this and downloading as I type. Hope its worth it.

  4. Hi Bro! I'm on my channel, I'm shooting shorts about BeamNG, if it's not difficult for you, subscribe to the channel and like it) Thank you very much bro!)

  5. now if we could give the world the same destructive ability as red faction guerilla, this game would be golden

  6. The funny thing is Volvo actually does these kinds of test 2:30

  7. I love when cars crash so hard they stick to what they hit.

  8. I prefer crashing into buildings in real life because the environment is destructible

  9. these types of videos is nostalgic… i remember watching them in 2015

  10. These have to be the best edits and camer angles I've seen in a long time if not ever.

  11. I remember watching these as a kid, still just as entertaining

  12. "Отличное видео о мобильных играх! Вы подробно рассмотрели несколько популярных игр и дали объективные отзывы. Меня особенно порадовало, что вы уделили внимание различным жанрам игр, чтобы удовлетворить интересы разных аудиторий. Я уже записал несколько игр в свой список, которые хочу попробовать из-за ваших рекомендаций. Спасибо за информативное и увлекательное видео, жду новых роликов о мобильных играх от вас!"

  13. That second car was gonna win by any means nessisary lol

  14. This is how nokia whould test their cars if they made one

  15. Caution- all drivers were hurt, maimed and brutally killed during the filming of this video.

  16. whats the name of the first map showing? the ski jump place

  17. You don't have to put EVERYTHING in slow motion. Jesus.

  18. 0:19 They can make it! They can make it!…… Ohhhhhh! They didn't make it.

  19. Total krankes und sinnbefreites Video. Aber lustig!!! 😉
    Die Frage ist nur: Wer räumt den ganzen Dreck dann eigentlich wieder weg? 😀

  20. Чек загорелся, в прямом смысле.

  21. This is the modern version of playing with Hot Wheels as a kid.

  22. Thinking of buying this game. Can i adjust the gravity physics to make it more realistic?

  23. Reminds me of Nintendo 64 game…I think it was called rush.

  24. Hate cars so much! This game shows how much I hate cars

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