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Highschool Basketball Buzzer Beaters – But they get Increasingly More Difficult/Hype

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  1. These are so fun to watch. It puts a big smile on my face to watch all the kids congratulate each other. Big thumbs up.

  2. The second clip is completely insane…. they're actually all wearing virtue signalling covid masks around their chins…. beyond pathetic.

  3. 2:42 that man better be an NBA player that build is crazy 😂

  4. On the last part, why didn't he just hold on to the ball? He must have went through a tough time after that one.

  5. First shot looked like it got off late, right?

  6. *highschool basketball buzzer beaters but they get increasingly LUCKY* 😂

  7. 3:22 All he had to do was to dribble the ball for 2 seconds. That is a Russell Westbrook level decision right there.

  8. Love the little guy in green, at 3:12….buries the shot then runs straight to the locker room 😄😄

  9. Hold up, clip #2… we playing a full on game with masks around our chins??? Come oooooon.

  10. CENTERVILLE? That’s our rival school lol. I went to Northmont highschool. Played volleyball

  11. Since when are fans allowed to just rush the court when the game ends? That's not supposed to happen, even if there is a buzzer beater.

  12. Totally wasn’t expecting to see my high school @ 1:45 what is this algorithm? YouTube stalking me

  13. 1:25 what adult yells "miss it" at a high school child? How low must that guys self-worth be, that he wants to bully a 16 year old.

  14. the last one was crazy, freaking nba built setup

  15. Last one was insane….😮. Get that he was just trying to run out clock, but hold the ball or dribble away.

  16. 1st one shouldn't have counted. Ball was still in his hand at the buzzer.

  17. the buzz cut needs to make a comeback… these kids look like morons

  18. The last announcer sounds like the robot from yo gabba gabba

  19. I don’t know how that first guy made the shot, with the amount of pressure from the 1 second he had left and the wide open layup opportunity, seems like the shot that most people would miss

  20. First guy ball was still on his hand when clock reached 0.0

  21. Imagine hearing the crowd cheer after landing at 0:52 not even getting to see the ball go in. He leapt and dove to the ground to win the game. The dopamine hit must've been wild.

  22. Ahhh that rush, excitement and feeling.

    The other team, this sucks…

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