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Honey Bunny Ka Jholmaal – The Crazy Chase | Game Trailer | Zapak

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Enjoy this fun-filled endless running game while you join Honey on his quest to stop the extremely shrewd Bad Monkey from destroying Miss Katkar’s garden.

In a cozy house owned by Miss Katkar, there live twin cats, Honey and Bunny. Honey is older to Bunny by a minute. They are very notorious and play pranks all the time. Bunny is the smart one whereas Honey is the naïve and clueless one. Their Jhomaal comes to the fore the moment Ms. Katkar is away.

Play Honey Bunny Ka Jholmaal – The Crazy Chase:
• EXPLORE vibrant locations
• DODGE, JUMP, and SLIDE through obstacles
• Collect COINS, gather REWARDS and complete MISSIONS
• Use Bikes and Cars for HEADSTART and MEGA-HEADSTART
• Create records with SCORE-BOOSTERS and special POWER UPS
• Get Free Spins and earn Lucky Rewards with the SPIN WHEEL
• Accept the DAILY CHALLENGE to earn extra Rewards
• SCORE THE HIGHEST and beat your friends using exciting power-ups

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