How much Money does my Mobile Game Make? (after 4 weeks) -

How much Money does my Mobile Game Make? (after 4 weeks)

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I’m a GameDev, and in this video I show you my GameDev Revenue. You will see how much money I earned with my free mobile game SpiderDoll and if I made enough money to pay my bills.

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Woow you really read all of this? 😱
You must be a true Swinger👊

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  1. I used to play an old flash game back in 2011 that had the same concept, All I remember is a blue stick man with physics and you use the mouse to swing

  2. Thanks for sharing very useful information 👍👍

  3. How U Got Mac For only 60$$$$???!!!!! can u explain is minimum mac i must got to can upload my game on App Store?

  4. Man, congratulations! I want to do the same in the future, ty for inspiration.

  5. I bought a. android development course and delete it right away after watching your video 🤣
    Thank you

  6. The subscribe button called out my name
    I had to answer

  7. A slow nickel is better than a fast dime. You have created a passive income stream which will continue to generate revenue for years. If you release enough titles like that, you'll never have to work for someone else again.

  8. What do you mean? It's not off the market now, is it? 3 months is just how much you earned in the first 3 months. You will continue toearn.

    Also are you german by any chance? You give a german impression

  9. im new to this channel, and i HAVE to ask, WHAT HAPPEN TO HIM. he seems to be beaten by some thugs

  10. Question: the income from the site wasn't taxed?

  11. I love that game spider doll is the best 🎉

  12. And after all that, Tax. Tax again. Taxed. More tax.

  13. I'm so sick of seeing shit devs like this guy take a subpar half-baked game and try to milk it for everything possible by double dipping with ads and micro transactions. Just make a better and more addictive game, get rid of ads, and make micro transactions optional. Stop focusing on small crap with the idea of getting a little passive income. Build something you're actually passionate and care about and the game is infinitely more likely to become big enough to survive on as you continue to update and improve it, rather than trying this pump and dump nonsense.

  14. There’s another issue here.. that fact that you’re riding on the coat tales of an existing IP that has has lots of marketing money out behind it. Without this brand awareness I think your game would have performed more poorly.

  15. fuck me, in switzerland we get paid 93k at least. WTF is happening in Germany? They tax you like a dog and nothing in the country works. Just revol and fuck over your government!

  16. So for 350 hours your game made over $3,000 in 3 months? That's pretty good passive income for doing the work once. Could you work for someone else and get paid while you sleep, vacation, or spend time with family? Congrats!

  17. Earning 12000 each month or every 3 months? 😀

  18. Hi, I'm just wandering what's the browser website you use to publish your game. Thanks in advance.

  19. For a guy living in a third world country, making money online is a life changer. Local jobs salary can go as low as less than 1 dollar per hour, so any amount of money can allow me to live off of my games.

  20. Uh you messed google's and apple's taxes. Apple takes 30% when G takes only 10%

  21. With 3300 dollars you can spend a whole year in my country without working

  22. Is there an update on these app earnings after 2 years now?

  23. Weiter so! Tolles Video und natürlich ist es jetzt nicht in Millionenhöhe, aber alleine der Versuch zählt und wer weiss irgendwann stellt sich der Erfolg ein 🙂

  24. Why you have to make a game in 3 months? Continue advertising this game and it can give you pasive income no?

  25. write 100 games and make money while you sleep

  26. Woah this super realistic. Thanks.

  27. You are great comedians and great story teler

  28. I also played your game for very long time and love the swinging mechanism

  29. But you didn't tell us what was your secret to achieve your goal. 😮😮

  30. You are getting a like and a subscriber for draging yourself around on the ground xDDD

  31. Wtf bro its that much ? Imagine, now you can recreate such game in fraction of time you spend on it.. That means you can get lot of money for very little work… The more games you make the easier it gets.

  32. You need to invest in a ad campaign on other established games and report back the progress. Show the actual game play in the ad .

  33. Hello, I am Benjamin, the Executive Marketing Manager at Supercell gaming platform. We are currently looking for honest bloggers for long-term cooperation. Can I consult you on the specific promotion fees and plans?

  34. thanks for preparing me for the hash landing!!!!!!!!

  35. Who wants to play the crappiest game? I created one… Feed the penguins. You just need to see it XD. I made $0.02 on it!!!!

  36. Sir please I want to talk with you. Is it possible sir.🤔

  37. I'm playing spiderdoll from india and loving it so far ,as a aspiring game developer i found your videos are inspiring

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