How to get ejected from Yankee stadium - FANS GO CRAZY on the Astros!! -

How to get ejected from Yankee stadium — FANS GO CRAZY on the Astros!!

Zack Hample
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TOTAL INSANITY. After getting busted for a massive cheating scandal, the Houston Astros’ finally returned to the Bronx, and it was WILD. Jose Altuve got booed the most along with Carlos Correa and Alex Bregman — even in batting practice! Of course the fans were all over Astros starter Zack Greinke as well. What kind of stuff were people chanting? Did Yankee fans go too far? How did security respond? How many people got ejected? This was a historic night at Yankee Stadium, and I’m so glad I could be there to witness it.

This video was filmed on May 4, 2021 by Chris Yon, and I did the editing. (Wanna guess how long it took me?)

Thank you to Alonzo Valencia for sending me the “CHEAT” hat. He had posted it on his Instagram (@alonzovalenc1a) and tagged me, and I was like, “Umm, that’s awesome. Send one to me and I’ll wear it on YouTube and shout you out.” And here we are. Check out the hat on his website:

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On a final note, when I said in the video, “Much love to my friends in Houston,” I really meant that. Much respect for standing behind your team. Astros fans who showed at Yankee Stadium wearing bright orange — that took some guts. Ultimately we’re all baseball fans, so hopefully no hard feelings.

Thanks so much for watching!


  1. I feel bad for Jose Altuve he didn’t do it and he should of requested a trade when he had the chance to

  2. Watching this in 2022 is better than drinking Yankee tears. Love it!… Stros 2017 champs!!!! Altuve MVP!!!!
    We just went to NY and adopted both the Mets and the Yanks as our new kids. Who's your Daddy!!!!!!


  4. Yankees fans don’t even go for the game they just want to be toxic to the astros and call them cheaters

  5. I am A Astro fan but Yankees and Red Sox have also change during the World Series

  6. And still today people boo FORMER astros player on different teams. You can boo the astros just don’t boo another team because they have an Astro on they’re team

  7. Greinke wasn’t even on the astros in 2017 those guys insulting him are morons

  8. And this year they no hit the Yankees without any cheating involved

  9. Mans said “Jose active in particular got it bad, and we’ll deserved” about one of the only dudes who decided not to cheat 💀💀💀

  10. Now whenever people lose to the astros now they are just gonna blame them sign stealing,also are we not gonna talk about whenever other teams cheat

  11. I’m from New York and Yankees fans don’t play

  12. Bro the yankee tickets aren’t that much 😂 that bond gonna be more than the ticket 🤔

  13. the pitching coach before each home run in the Astros BP: "this is gonna be a nice juicy meatball right down the middle, in other words:" BANG BANG BANG

  14. It only reflects on the fans to. Like if the yankees were good they could do if again

  15. Jose didn’t cheat He has the lowest trash can bangs And we can’t see a buzzer we can’t just assume he using one

  16. altuve did not cheat. It is proven on many websites and videos, while the astros cheated he did not want to be a part of the cheats that went on.

  17. Astros are good your just mad it is all over with so get over it man

  18. I’m an Astros fan, and this very funny because we own the Yankees basically, and that even if we didn’t cheat we still would probably would’ve been the best team in baseball still

  19. I’m a Astro fan and I’m so disappointed

  20. I was at yankees mariners tonight i got 5 baseballs good game

  21. I have a question why are the pitchers being booed if they don’t bat

  22. If they boo altuve, their just mad that they didn’t make it to the mlb

  23. Bro I literally just watched 15 seconds and I already feel terrible but is the price that we have to pay

  24. I’ve been an Astros fan for 60 years. I have also been a Yankees fan just as long! All the way from Mantle and Maris to Jackson and Munson and even to Judge! I am a baseball fan! What I saw in this video was a passionate Yankee fan base giving the Astros a we’ll deserved tongue lashing! What I also saw was the Astros taking it like men and still engaging the fans! The problem with this in my opinion is that the wrong guys are getting the biggest blame! In my opinion, and I’m sure I’m a little biased, the Astros in 2017 were the best team in baseball. They had a team of first rounders and veterans that usually would beat anybody every night 5-2 with no problem. When that happens the game slows way down and becomes somewhat uninteresting! Enter Beltran and Cora. Two well respected veterans that hatched a plan to steal signs, when it really wasn’t needed to win games! The young impressionable players fell for it and now they beat other teams 8-2. I get it! Cheating is cheating even if in Altuve’s case by association! But one thing is for sure the Astros in 2017 and even today in 2022 are a team loaded with talent! As much as the Yanks fan love to boo Altuve, every time they do it he punishes them over and over! Ironically Reggie Jackson himself has said it’s time to quit booing him because he has vindicated by many sources! As a fan it broke my heart to have to admit my team were cheaters! I was fully behind any punishment that MLB handed down. Since “the letter” was unsealed I understand where the Yanks fans get their hatred towards the Astros! I have gone to games and ripped into the Yanks and Red Sox! Yep, I called them cheaters at the top of my lungs for half a game until a young lady said, “ hey, sit down. We are better than that”. Then I understood, yep we are! If I want the fans to lay off Altuve and others I have to do the same! I love baseball and will to my last breath so I guess I’ll still be pulling for the Bombers except on those days that they play my Stros! There, in the words of Doc Holliday, now we can be friends!

  25. Let’s go Yankees let’s go hit the ball

  26. Yankees were caught cheating in 2015 & 2016 steeling signs. The MLB investigation revealed 17 teams involved in sign steel cheating. Do all these Yankees fans now spend as much time cursing themselves and their own players as they do the Astros?

  27. Greinke doesn't steal signs, he tells you what pitch he's throwing

  28. Houston Asterisks * Should have all been blacklisted just like the Black Sox were MLB F–cked Up and has Shit all over it's Face for not doing any legit punishment, it just encourages cheating and MLB doesn't care at all they don't really but if it was Gambling OH Lord not gambling they would have pulled out the Pete Rose Punishment.

  29. I wonder if that dude who got ejected ever got his phone.

  30. I'm from Miami I wish Miami sports fans were this passionate and Hostile at sporting events but unfortunately never gonna happen most of them are soft compared to up North fan bases but oh well

  31. can’t wait for them to give y’all another no hitter in yankee stadium in the alcs

  32. Yankees’s fans are the worst fans in history.

  33. I’m an astro fan and they only cheated once so you can’t be talking the Yankees cheated like 50 times

  34. Yankees fans are the biggest hypocrites in sports and they prove it yet again in this video. Zack, you lost me with that cap. Love seeing the Yankees idiot get a wedgie and ejection, though.

  35. Not a Yankees fan but glad to know my Nats beat those cheating asshole asstros to win our first World Series in 2019.

  36. Altuve did nothing he was not a part of the cheating

  37. Most of the other astros cheated. But if you look at certain videos Altuve refuses to use the cheats.

  38. As an Astros fan, i'm not even mad at this lol. This is one of the funnier videos i've seen by zack. Keep up the great content zack!

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