How to get ejected from Yankee stadium - FANS GO CRAZY on the Astros!! -

How to get ejected from Yankee stadium — FANS GO CRAZY on the Astros!!

Zack Hample
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TOTAL INSANITY. After getting busted for a massive cheating scandal, the Houston Astros’ finally returned to the Bronx, and it was WILD. Jose Altuve got booed the most along with Carlos Correa and Alex Bregman — even in batting practice! Of course the fans were all over Astros starter Zack Greinke as well. What kind of stuff were people chanting? Did Yankee fans go too far? How did security respond? How many people got ejected? This was a historic night at Yankee Stadium, and I’m so glad I could be there to witness it.

This video was filmed on May 4, 2021 by Chris Yon, and I did the editing. (Wanna guess how long it took me?)

Thank you to Alonzo Valencia for sending me the “CHEAT” hat. He had posted it on his Instagram (@alonzovalenc1a) and tagged me, and I was like, “Umm, that’s awesome. Send one to me and I’ll wear it on YouTube and shout you out.” And here we are. Check out the hat on his website:

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On a final note, when I said in the video, “Much love to my friends in Houston,” I really meant that. Much respect for standing behind your team. Astros fans who showed at Yankee Stadium wearing bright orange — that took some guts. Ultimately we’re all baseball fans, so hopefully no hard feelings.

Thanks so much for watching!


  1. I’m gonna get hated for this but Altuve and Grenkie are my fave astros

  2. I’m an Astros fan but what I’m abt to say has nothing to do with this. I’m really disappointed that yankee fans were saying bad words and being super disrespectful to the Astros and I’m really sad kids had to here that. People should realize that kids heard the yelling and might not know what those words mean and could possibly start saying those words.

  3. I’m a braves fan but the Yankees are my number 2

  4. what's up bro I'm a fan of soccer and about 4 months ago a tragedy happened in a soccer game in Queretaro Mexico where Atlas de Guadalajara and Gallos del Queretaro played a tremendous thing was done Batalla Campal between Atlas fans and Querétaro fans all this was planned because 15 years ago Atlas descended to Queretaro and as Atlas he has just been champion and now they are already two-time champions but also Queretaro was champion 6 years ago in 2016 beating him on penalties 3-2 a Chivas in Copa MX It was a very sad tragedy. It was the day the world ended, our Mexican soccer. many people were injured and there were more than 30 dead this was something sad there were many people with children there were families and there was no security or the police They did nothing to stop all this the game was obviously suspended fans of Querétaro bring razors, pistols, knives, ice picks some were armed with chairs with buckled belts some Querétaro fans hit Atlas fans and took off all their clothes all that happened was something very ugly and very sad

  5. Yankees fans are nutcases, in a Yankees fan but they taking it to far with greinke

  6. Mhmmmmmmmm I watching this now how many times they made it to the playoffs in the past year

  7. A real Joey Votto move was done by one of the outfielders. They faked throwing it into the crowd but didn’t and threw it in

  8. These guys look stupid now after all the stuff about the Yankees came out

  9. Altuve never cheated when he was at bat he had the lowest rate of the trash can being banged which was around 2% and he does have a tattoo on he shoulder

  10. When I went to a Yankee vs Astro in the Bronx this year Kyle Tucker during BP would grab a ball,pretend to throw it into the crowd which was full of most Yankee fans,and throw it back to his coach.I personally asked very nicely for a ball and he said no to everyone there

  11. I understand they cheated I really do but come on it's been four f**** years get over it I'm a baseball fan and I see this it's just being childish

  12. Zack literally gives away pitches for fun he couldn't pull himself to cheat he gets mad when he does bad and that drives him to do good

  13. I love how yankees fans dickride Gerrit as if he wasn't an asteo

  14. Altuve never cheated bruh fuck hall new Yorkers trust me no state fucks with yall

  15. These ppl are like new york city rats themselves

  16. For a while I forgot this was a zack hample video

  17. Astros did not cheat a lot of other teams where cheating as well including the Yankees and as a Astros fan I believe that

  18. Zack Greinke has social anxiety and hates attention. He wasn’t even on the team when they cheated. This is sad. Anyone who heckled him should be ashamed.

  19. Ima be honest if you don’t cheat in baseball once it’s not actually baseball

  20. They didn’t cheat altuve was hiding a tattoos

  21. Sorry but this was my most disliked videos of yours because some players on the team did not deserve what they got.

  22. I understand completely but my question is when it came out that the Yankees were cheating did you do the same. Let's go stros 🤘

  23. José Altuve really sucks because he cheated for the World Series he was just like no no cheating today but he still cheated he open the shirt he had something on it he took it out I saw it and I watch the World Series game and I me Anki fan I hope this comes out nice to Zack Hample

  24. loved how you added "Suck it, A-A-ron" lol

  25. Bro i swear people in New york are so dumb. Altuve didnt even cheat. He refused to listen to the signs, and there was a tatoo that wasnt finished when he said not to take his shirt off.

  26. 8:56
    Did he touch the plate? 👀

    Doesn’t matter. It’s a home run 😄

  27. July 21, 2022 and the Astros walk off the Yankees again! 💪🏻

  28. It's funny how the Astros own them now!! Without cheating.

  29. Hey quit cutting down are astros they win last night the beat Gerrit Cole cause he a cheater and yanks are cheaters

  30. I’m a Dodgers fan and I hate the astros because atuve cheated

  31. saying the astros cheat look at the yankees specifacly gerrit cole

  32. Greinke and altuve did not cheat Greinke is a nice guy he tossed me up a baseball and I’m also a Royals fan.

  33. It’s too bad that the Yankees keep getting beat by the Astros, when are they gonna finally slay the dragon?

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