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I Made 69,696,969,696,969 Capybaras Pull Up.

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Who doesn’t love a Capybara? I love them so much that I am going to breed trillions and trillions of them so they can populate the earth and we can all have a millions or so as pets. Yay!



  1. And I give you a challenge for the part to update get every single thing to level 10,000

  2. bro i wanna play this game what is the name of this game

  3. 4:40 wait a minute if those are full capybaras and every time you by something they go are you sacrificing capybaras

  4. Hahahhahahahahahhahahh this is actually funny

  5. Ah yes 69 trillion 696 billion 969 million 696 thousand 969 capybaras…

  6. On the school laptop no upgrades 1 clixk is 2m

  7. Can I pls have a huge pet in pet sim my user is Isabellafan22 27 vid

  8. it’s not called autoclicker anymore it’s capybaraclicker from now on!

  9. me at the pet store: i want a capybara
    my email folder: thank you for buying 69696969696969 capybaras, are you sure press 1 for yes and press 3 for no
    me: clicks
    email: thanks for accepting your god damn order

  10. How do I keep 2 trillion capybaras Vitamin?

  11. capybara (capybara) capybara capybara capybara capybara

  12. I have a petition for him to get a pet capy, like to sign.

  13. "i like capybara"
    "u like capbara"
    "we all like capybara!"

    what it reminded me of: "im a goofy goober yeah! ur a goofy goober yeah!

  14. Give him an Oscar in Roblox for all of his pets like dog cat monkey pop cat capybara cow

  15. Quem concorda que capivara é o animal mais fofinho do mundo
    Who agrees that capybara is the cutest animal in the world

  16. vitime i beat you i nthis game i have 6t capybaras

  17. I beat the game on mobile the game is very easy

  18. Bro, I right now I have more than a Him 😂 and I’m on phone😂

  19. I’ve been playing a for a few days and I’m on iPad with no auto clicker I click manually and I get like a few 100b a second and I get 20b capybara per second and I click fast lol

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